Kurenai Airen (kurenaiairen) wrote in bad_service,
Kurenai Airen

Yesterday while I was in class my doctor called to give me my test results, however since I was in class I was unable to answer and she can't leave it in a message since I have to give her my info to verify it's me. I call back to talk to her and she's with a patient so the lady on the phone says she will give her a message. A couple hours pass and no call, so I call them back. Again she's with a patient (she's very busy so I understood) so they offer to leave her a message. I take a nap and leave the phone under my pillow and wake up at 7, still with no call. By this time her office hours are passed since she leaves at 5 and now I'm annoyed. These test results have been worrying me all week and now I have to wait another day.

I call again this morning and the doctor is the one who answers the phone. Turns out no one gave her a single message and now not only am I annoyed, but now she's pissed.

Next time give the doctor the messages because most times it's important, and you won't get yelled at by her later for not giving them to her.
Tags: can you hear me now?, phone phun

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