If I was in WW2, they'd call me spitfire! (becka_mouse) wrote in bad_service,
If I was in WW2, they'd call me spitfire!

Oh,, for the love of...

Recently, I lost my cellphone. Like, gone for good lost. So I call the carrier (t-mobile) and ask what to do about it. They look up my information and say I'm due for an upgrade, anyway, so all I have to do is get my number put on a new SIM card once I get my upgrade.

Cool. Okay. Sounds easy so I order my new phone, wait for it to arrive and I call like I'm supposed to.

Me: Hi! I'd like my number, XXX-XXX-XXXX put on my new SIM card!
T-Mobile CS: Okay! *clicky clicky clicky* It should take a couple hours to activate. Have a nice day!

So, later, I'm poking around on my phone and I text my mom and ask her what numbers she has that she thinks I should have. Except, after setting up my facebook stuff on my phone, I notice that my husbands picture is coming up in my text messages instead of mine. And since Facebook likes associating faces with their cellphone numbers, I get a little concerned.

On a whim, I call our house line and watch the caller ID. Number YYY-YYY-YYYY pops up. My husbands number. From my phone.

Worried they'd put my number on his phone (And thinking it's just an easy SIM switch, if that's the case) I try to call my house line from my husbands phone.

I don't even get to dial it. Immediately, I notice it says "SIM card deactivaded."

The customer service rep managed to not only get the wrong number on my SIM card entirely, they also got rid of my number entirely.

So, my husband calls and it takes 20 minutes and several customer service reps to tell us "This will be sorted within 48 hours."

48 hours. To fix their own idiotic mistake.

This is bad because my husband needs his phone for work. He's in the army and if someone calls and says "Hey! We head out in ___ hours. Be ready." and he misses that call, it's not a simple slap on the wrist and an "Oh, you goof. HAha!" It's a huge problem for him.

I really feel like calling them and pestering them to get it fixed right now but I'm not at all sure what good that'll do. I don't think I could have been any more specific with what number I wanted on the new SIM card if I'd written it down for them and stood right there to make sure they got it right.
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