Ophelia (starrynight) wrote in bad_service,

bread machine woes.

In the beginning of the winter, I bought a bread machine.

I've never owned one before, but I thought that a machine would be way better than making bread and dough by hand, since the bread bakes right in the machine.

At first, everything was great. It worked fine. But then sometime last month, it stopped working completely. It doesn't have a power button, you simply plug it in to turn it on, and unplug it to turn it off.

One day, I plugged it in, and nothing. The screen was blank. I thought maybe it just needed a break, so I didn't use it for two weeks and tried again. Nothing.

Since there is a one year warranty, I thought that I would try to get a replacement. It's cheaper than buying a new one, and when I bought it, it was only $80 or so. It's currently $129.99, yikes.

I emailed customer service at the end of February and I was told in order to get a new machine, I had to cut off the power cord and then mail it to their returns department with a reference number. No problem.

Since I opted for a tracking number on the package, I know for a fact that it was received early in March.

I forgot about the package because I developed strep, and huge gastrointestinal upset due to antibiotic use, on top of spending a day in the ER and whatnot. Hey, life happens.

So this weekend, I sent an email to customer service, asking what had happened to the replacement machine since it's been two to three weeks.

This morning, I got an email saying that the cord was never delivered. Then, another email saying that it was delivered, and that the customer service rep. will be placing an order for a new machine, and then sending it FedEx ground.

Um, that should have been done the day, or the day after the cord was delivered. Grr.

In contrast, when my digital bathroom scale broke, the CEO of company (EatSmart) not only personally sent me a message apologizing, but I had a new scale the next day.
Tags: customers shouldn't get what they want, shipping shenanigans

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