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Blood test hell

On Tuesday March 22 at approximately 1.30pm I attended the Dorevitch pathology in X.

The first woman, who was blonde, disregarded my statement that I need to lie down for blood tests and began looking for a vein while I was sitting. She also disregarded my knowledge that the veins in my right arm are much easier to find than those in my left. Upon finding a vein she began to gather the equipment at which point I informed her I really did need to lie down as I will black out otherwise. She was annoyed that moving would mean losing the vein, but allowed me to lie down.

Once lying down she looked for the vein again, could not find it, and proceeded to stick the needle in and poke around. Other than ignoring me knowing my own relevant medical details as it relates to blood tests she was pleasant. After no success with her attempt she went to get the other woman who works there.

The second woman, who was older and I believe Asian, was rude from the time she entered the room. She did not introduce herself in any way but did listen when I instructed her that my right arm had better veins, After I switched position on the bed she began looking for a vein, I tried to explain I am quite nervous with blood tests and asked if she could possibly talk to me as she worked (otherwise getting a vein is even less likely as I tense up) she snapped at me that she could not talk and do her job at the same time. I am unsure how long she continued to look as I began to have a panic attack. I sat up and told her I was not comfortable with her taking my blood.

At this point she grabbed my arm, blocking me from being able to get off the bed. I asked if the other woman who had been there at a previous date was there to be told that she had left. I continued to state I was not comfortable with her taking my blood to be met with more forceful assertions that she had to take my blood and I had to let her.
As soon as I saw an opportunity to move I dived for my belongings and fled the building.

I am legally blind with a multitude of other disabilities and illnesses. I have never in my life been treated by a medical professional the way I was this afternoon. There is no circumstance where physically restraining a patient after they expressly state NO that is acceptable.

Please take this statement as a formal complaint against the second employee and Dorevitch X – which is inaccessible to those with disabilities to begin with as there is never anyone staffing the front counter.

In the land of Dorevitch things have different meanings. Namely that "I am not comfortable with you taking my blood" actually means "Please physically restrain me while yelling that you have to take it"
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