rue_algedonic (rue_algedonic) wrote in bad_service,

if i didn't see them i would have said i didn't see them

My hearing has been terrible recently, a not very mysterious occurrence that arises every six months or so. Knowing this, I headed to the clinic to have them flushed, filled the paperwork and enjoyed the chilly, dizzying soreness that such a visit encompasses. There are criticisms that could be directed towards the nurse heading the procedure, but they're likely pain-provoked and not worth a bad_service post.


This post is for the overseeing doctor who popped in briefly before and after.

When she completed the flushing, the doctor returned to check her work, offhandedly offering a prescription and then leaving to retrieve it. This was a simple visit, so our exchange was mostly one-sided. However, while he was gone, I grew more concerned about the lack of auditory clarity since this was not my first experience with the procedure and previous successes usually improved my hearing. I thought that he could check once more or that he might know why this instance differed.

He returns. I explain my concerns and ask whether he could check again just in case. I am not sure how to properly describe the painfully sweet, condescending smile he offers as he responds: "Well... uh. I don't know what I'll see this time that I didn't see ten seconds ago. Haha."

I was taken aback. But hey, he's the doctor, maybe I'm asking a dumb question and those can pile up into annoyance. Sure.

So I press that I've had the procedure done before and that it seemed to be very muffled. I sat on a lower stool for the ease of the procedure and, being dizzy at the time, he bent awkwardly to do the check. I mentioned that maybe that angle made it difficult? I don't know. Really, I wasn't sure. I was just a little concerned and didn't wish to return in the case that the job was incomplete.

Doctor: "If I didn't see the ear drums, I would have told you that I couldn't see the ear drums. haha."


I get it.

You don't like that I'm questioning you when you're sure of what you've seen, but would it be so hard to simply answer? A second look, maybe. It literally required seconds more of your time. The suck here isn't so much the quality of his work as his tone and mood throughout. That, and the subtle pushiness that I shut up with my "dumb" patient questions about the service you are providing me. If I was a more passive person, I might have agreed that it was unnecessary and stepped down despite concerns.

I was grateful that he did, later, offer a potential explanation, but it demanded much perseverance.

There was no suggestion box, unfortunately.

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