Noalani Auroras (m32446) wrote in bad_service,
Noalani Auroras

someone else's debt collectors

So there's a smidgeon of backstory as to how this whole party time got started. I am dating a guy who lives in Dallas. (Hereafter referred to as AB.) I live in Houston. AB's mother (known as BP) has a regular habit of taking out credit cards in his name (because he's the only one of her children who has a career and any financial security, I think), running up the bill and never paying. It had mostly stopped for awhile, but she's gotten back into it.

So, there's that. I was visiting up in Dallas last month and got a call on my cell phone, asking for AB. I am very confused. We don't use each others numbers, we aren't on the same plan, there is no connection between my cell and him. I ask who's calling, they give a name and a a company name like 'DSS' or something. I pass the phone to him (this is 8:30am or so) and he talks for a minute, I think asks them to call back at a later time on his number, and gives me the phone back. I am slightly confused, but he says that its debt collectors from his mother, and I vaguely understand. Still no idea how they go my number.

Now, I have continued to get calls from these guys, about every other day, sometimes for 3 or 4 days in a row. AB asked me to give them his mother's number, as she is the one they need to talk to, and I have done so. I have told them I cannot put them in contact with AB, as they have his number as well as his mother's number and I'm 250 miles away from them. They continue to call.

How do I make them stop? I have no relevance to the bill, and I still don't know how they got my number in the first place, unless BP gave it to them. I've asked them to stop, told them to stop, asked to have notes put on the account. But the calls continue. Since I do have knowledge of the people involved, and they know it, I don't know that the usual method of take me off your list is relevant. Any tips would be much appreciated.

And as I can't tell a story straight to save my life, let me know if I forgot to include some relevant information.

EDIT: And the excellent idea of a cease and desist number has been brought up, does anyone know where I can get a format or template for sending one? Since its not *my* debt, and I don't know account numbers involved, should I ask the callers for this info and what should I put in the letter?
Tags: *banking/finance, collections, credit cards, helpful comments, identity theft

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