wickedkatze (wickedkatze) wrote in bad_service,

WTF policy and enforcement...maybe?

I'm interested in opinions on this situation, because I'm not sure how much of it was a WTF on the restaurant's part and how much of it is a cultural thing.

A group of 7 other girls and me are in Dublin, on the last day of a week-long trip to Ireland and Northern Ireland, and tonight we went to dinner in the Temple Bar area. When we were seated, we started looking at menus and I quickly had my eye on the leek and potato soup, which seemed perfect because I wasn't terribly hungry. Then someone noticed on the menu that it said that after 7 p.m., all parties are required to order a main course per person. (This is the part I'd like opinions on - how common is this policy? It seemed very weird to us.) There was also a two-course special that stopped being served at 7.

At this point it was quarter to 7, so technically we were still within the time in which we could have ordered whatever we wanted, and I wasn't really worried. But when the waitress came, she told us we were only allowed to order main courses. I didn't want this - I didn't want to eat that much, and the main courses were a lot more expensive, so I asked about the soup anyway, and she said she'd do it for me because it was just me ordering the starter and not everyone at the table. Which was nice of her, but...we were still within the time limits to order whatever, so it seemed to me there shouldn't have been a problem.

What gets weirder is that one of the other girls on the trip, R, ordered the special that was also supposed to stop at 7, and they didn't give her any hassle for that. I understand that that order makes the restaurant more money than a starter, but if you're going to bump up your cutoff time by 15 minutes, it should at least be consistent.

The whole thing wasn't a huge deal, since we both ended up getting what we wanted and the waitress was very nice about the whole thing, but the situation just really confused me.

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