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Possible Bad Service in Action (Walmart Pharmacy)

I say possible, because I haven't had a chance to call them yet, and it could turn out into good service tomorrow (I just know it's bad service right now as it's causing me a panic attack).

I'm homebound at the moment, and have to rely on a friend to pick things up for me, including prescriptions. Partially her fault as she didn't call me to double check things, but still rather aggravating.

When she went to pick up my new prescriptions (and re-fills), either Walmart didn't run a few of them through the insurance, or didn't tell her they were rejected, forcing me to pay fifty dollars I shouldn't have had to as my co-pay is only 1-3 dollars (not 12 and 45 which is what I paid).

Anyone have any idea what my chances are of getting the extra returned, or am I sol?

(and the panic attacks are from stress and the possibility of confrontation tomorrow, don't like it, but I like losing fifty dollars worse :oÞ)

Edit - 9.17am After dealing with an idiot (either that or he REALLY wasn't awake), I have to bring the scripts back in to get a refund as apparently my insurance 'didn't cover them' and no one told Debbie (the friend).

Will be interesting to see how I manage this (hopefully Debbie can take me). *goes back to chain smoking e-ciggerette to calm down*
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