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Future Shop Suckage

We decide to pre-order Cataclysm (WoW), one special edition, one normal (as per the limitation - you couldn't order two special ones... fine with hubby he didn't want the pet ;) So we go ahead and order it. Then, sometime down the line (before shipping) they offered a free mouse pad with the regular edition. (I guess to drum up more sales?) My hubby wrote them and asked that the mouse be added to his order since he'd ordered previously the thing they were offering. They said no, you'll have to cancel your order and re-order it. He didn't want to, afraid that something might screw up and we might lose the special edition (because it can be crazy to get a copy sometimes), he just wrote them back about how it was unfair to punish someone who'd ordered earlier. They just reiterated they couldn't do it, and besides by now they're run out of stock... and we sucked it up and moved on.

Bonus un-suck was them actually shipping it randomly to us anyways (separately for some reason?)

Also, there was a price drop for the special edition, before it shipped, but for whatever reason they couldn't fix the order or something, and just gave hubby a $10 gift card for ONLINE ORDERS ONLY.

So here begins the suck quoted from hubby himself:

1- I tried to use it with MVC3 SE preorder. It wouldn't add.
2- I emailed them and got them to add it anyway but they cancelled the order because it was "unavailable" to future shop.
2a- Incidentally the game was available IN STORE FOR WALK INS on launch day.
3- I tried to use it to buy You Don't Know Jack. It still didn't work.
3a- Incidentally, the site couldn't decide whehter You Don't Know Jack was in stock online, in stock in store, or not available, as it kept switching it on different pages.
4- I called them, they said they needed to reactivate the code since it wasn't working right but I had to email them because they don't deal with online orders on the phone.
5- I emailed them, they said I had to make an order first.
6- I made a pickup order. I emailed them to add it. They said it doesn't work with pickup orders. Apparently ordering something online for pickup doesn't count as an 'online purchase' as you don't pay for it until you actually get to the store.
7- I re-ordered You Don't Know Jack, with shipping. I emailed them again. This time they randomly decided to forward it to another department. I was told I would hear back "within 1-2 business days". Now, an important fact here: I received this notification on 9:15 am on the 2nd of March
8- 9:30 am on the 4th of March I emailed them again since I had not recived a responce in over 48 hours. Note again this is quite clearly more than '2 business days'. I got a response back saying, and I quote:

"As we are still within the two business day response duration we would request you to be patient and await the result of the escalation. We are unable to re-escalate your discount request until we are outside the two business day duration."

They must be from the "Future". They obviously have a f**king time machine.

9- 9:15 am on the 8th of March (counting now: 4 business days taking out the weekend), I received no response.  I sent another email.

10- March 6th - It's now the afternoon of the 8th and still no response.

11- March 8th - There's a $1.75 refund on my credit card from Future Shop, there was no email notifying me of this and it definitely isn't the $10 they owe me so sent another email about it.

This isn't a $10 off coupon, for clarification, this is a e-certificate he was supposed to be allowed to use on his next order, for $10 - the amount of the difference he paid over for Cataclysm :(

Any suggestions or ideas who to email or talk to get this resolved? Thanks again!


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