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FIDO Suckage

So I've been with Fido a long time, from before the very first time they introduced City Fido Unlimited (back before it was limited, when it was a new fangled thing. I was uber loyal to them for a long time, but then after Rogers bought them out there was a super decline in their CS (even more than before) and stupid additions to rules -- now they charge you $25 for using their Fido Dollars? As if the limitations to what you can use them on wasn't enough. Whatever.

I convinced the hubby (then bf) to leave Rogers and come to Fido, for Fido Dollars, etc etc. I warned him some of the CS was wanky at times, but for the most part stuff eventually got resolved.

Fast forward, hubby finds Mobilicity's Couple Plan, years later, (which is basically is unlimited everything - data, North American LD, unlimited texting (incoming and outgoing), unlimited calling (anytime), and so long as there's a Mobilicity tower - it's not considered roaming (compared to other mobile company's that would have you pay when they don't pay - just for being outside a specific area -- with them you only pay when they do - borrowing someone's tower).

So, overall, Mobilicity wins big time. Hubby waits til Fido contract expires, and then ports his line. I end up swapping with my mom - who wanted to a) save her number (we've had it for years), b) had her contract ending and c) didn't know where she wanted to go anyways... (this is relevant because outside of a final bill, I've not been charged these extra "30 day notice crap"-- because my mom still has a line in her name)

Despite what may be confusing in text, it actually was very simple, and worked out -- so we thought.

Fido charges my hubby over $200, with the promise of sending him a bill, since he can no longer check it electronically. He calls them, and they promise to send an itemized bill. He, sick of Fido, didn't want to be d**ked around with late charges, so he went ahead and paid it with the thoughts, oh hell, whatever, if they don't send it I'll call them again, and in the very least -- atleast they're gone and I don't have to deal with them anymore.

Fast forward to this month, whereupon he gets a notice in his inbox that he owes $80 to Fido. Of course, he's upset, and calls them up to ask the meaning of this. They go around in circles about how he paid his last bill, and how the CS rep thinks this is his last bill, etc. Hubby says, even if this WAS, his monthly bills don't come to $80!!

Then this is when the CS explains, actually, you have to give us 30 days notice before cancelling (which I'm sure is BS, because he was NOT in a contract, he owes them nothing), so it was the monthly charge PLUS he claims hubby used his phone for 200 minutes in the few days before he left Fido.

Now, normally when I'm out of town I can see that happening, but I was in town that week, and hubby doesn't use the phone a whole lot so we both find it hard to believe he racked up 200 minutes in a few days. Hubby asked them for a printed copy, and the CS said something about his online billing, to which he reiterated since he no longer HAD a contract with FIDO, or a number with them, he can't see it online. He goes around and around about how he can't be asked to pay a bill without knowing what it's for, he wants an itemized list, and he wanted the last bill mailed with this one. The CS asks about it, and he informed him about how he was supposed to get it before, but never did, and that it was on it's way... and now it's been a month!!

I have a feeling FIDO just thought, oh HEY, he paid that last bill without seeing it, let's add on some extra to milk him dry~ I know it's pretty cynical of me, but Rogers had done some shady things to him in the past -- and Rogers is the company that now owns Fido.

(Rogers crap:

When Hubby was bf, he had a Rogers line. Rogers called him and offered him a second line, with a second phone - with the promise that it was cheaper than his one phone --and it was. I don't know why he needed two lines, or phones, but he went with it because it was cheaper. Later he wanted to goto Fido, Fido promised him that he wouldn't get dinged for the port, and they would port the one number, and cancel the other line (this is the same company at this time so hubby believed them). Needless to say the second line stayed open and he was dinged for it. There was a really long fight where each side was accusing the other of it being the other's fault, hubby called the BBB, and one of them ended up refunding him and fixing the error).

Any ideas of what to do, or who to write about this? I don't want to deal with a long, drawn out fight if I can avoid it. Thanks in advance!


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