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What's up, Doc?

I usually like my dentist, hygienist and the practice as a whole - but today that changed drastically.

I went in for a filling and, as mentioned previously by my usual hygienist, a looksee at some old bonding on my two front teeth that was deteriorating and discolouring from 15+ years ago.  It was initially put on there because I'm prone to those white spots some people get due to breathing out of their mouth at night, or so I've heard.  Not a huge eyesore, and something I've grown used to, but something they said they'd look into for me..  so I agreed.

Anyway, I arrive and discover my usual lovely hygienist isn't seeing me today, but I go along with it - it happens.  I was waiting for 10 minutes past my appointment time, so they appeared to be quite busy.

New Hygienist (NH) looks at my file, huffs loudly and asks me what they decided to do about my teeth, looking very impatient with me.  I mention the cavity first, which he waves off and taps his front teeth, making a squinchy beaver face.  I ask, "the bonding?" and he says, "Yep, those two buggers", without a trace of good humour or jest.

Now, let me interrupt here and describe my teeth - admittedly they aren't that great looking.  I have prominent front teeth and the rest are crooked.  I've needed braces since my adult teeth emerged and am in the process of getting my wisdom teeth removed.  I plan on taking these steps with the guidance of said dental practice and my usual hygienist, who is very understanding about my financial situation and doesn't make me feel..  well, badly.  I was over 3 years in getting a permanent job with insurance and am still catching up, so to speak. 

I have no illusions about my teeth, they are what they are and I'm working on them.  Screw anyone who says otherwise.   It's not like I don't keep them clean - I'm an excellent flosser and such.

So back to NH.  He says he's going to do a "mock-up" for me and begins roughly to stuff my inside upper lip with gauze and press something onto my front teeth.  I manage to poorly enunciate my next question, wtf is happening and will this be covered by my insurance ( I said in nicey-nice).  He says it will be and continues to work, not really explaining what was happening.  Nothing hurt, so I allowed it.  He's being very snippy with the assistant hygienist and she seems pretty intimidated by him - so liking this guy less and less.

At this point, the head dentist comes in and examines his progress.  She literally gasps and says, "you can't let her see that!  Is that the actual or a mould?!"  He says it's a mock-up and says it's fine, seeming to be very upset at having her in the room.  I try to motion and ask if it's coming off, but get no response.  At this point, my two front teeth feel very large and ungainly.  Head dentist orders him to "fix it" and "not scrimp on details" - almost whispering to try and keep me from hearing?

Here I am, lying with 3 people gawking at me, most with mild shock in their eyes.  NH just looks angry and keeps working, sighing loudly and using my bib to roughly wipe his fingers and spraying me in the eyes with water haphazardly from the irrigation device.

Pause for the cavity, which was done mainly by head dentist, she leaves wordlessly, shaking her head.  (She was excellent, as always.)  I'm starting to fret, wondering how freakish I look.

I get a hand mirror thrust at me by NH, apparently the mock-up is complete.  He drawls in a bored voice that the colour is not a match and it will look weird - that I can keep the little mold and "show it to my bf or whatever and see if it's ok".  

Shit, as if that would matter... it looked utterly HIDEOUS.  Like, Bugs Bunny or two chiclets just stuck there.  I don't know if anyone remembers the scene in Denis the Menace with Walter Matthau and the makeshift false teeth for the photo op?  Yeah, that.

If I was younger and not as secure with myself, I could see some people either crying or being very angry.  I just kind of gaped at myself and said I think I'd wait until I got braces and just live with them.   He reaches out and pulls it off, cracking part of it because he isn't gentle.  None of this was my idea and I express this, trying to dispel his uncalled for attitude and his pissy attempts at pleasing me.

NH nods and lifts his eyebrows, "well, your teeth aren't exactly in need of a small touch-up, am I right?"  I look back at him steadliy and agree, smiling evenly.  He seems to respect me more a smidgen and his manner softens a bit.  We leave on a good note.  Despite this, I hope he gets shit for his shoddy work.

Me, I'm put off veneers / bonding for life.
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