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Amazon AND UPS fail. All in one.

So. Back in November, I order Dragon Age 2 Signature Edition from Amazon. They have release day delivery as a big perk, a feature I have used before, with no problems whatsoever. Fantastic.
Day of release was the 8th.

Monday, I get notice my order has shipped, with a due date of the 9th. No, no. This will not do. I hunt down Amazon's super-secret 800 number, and make two calls. Turns out fulfillment screwed up and sent my Signature Edition (had to order before 1/11, no longer available, full of goodies and pre-order bonuses) 2 Day instead of overnight. Rage. I call and complain, and first they tell me to refuse shipment, and get the download edition (with no pre-order goodies). No. That's not going to do. Complain more, and get $25 knocked off the order.

Today, Tuesday, I track the package like a madman. Constant update status hovering. Package claims to have left Phoenix at 7am. No problem. 11hr drive, or significantly shorter flight.
No updates.
No scans into SLC.
Until about 15 minutes ago.
Delivery Exception due to Weather conditions.

Yes, it snowed in the mountains pretty heavily Monday night. It was well above freezing today, and is supposed to be 50F tomorrow. What's the problem?

Call UPS.
Agent tells me the tractor trailer hauling my package got caught up in the mountains. Package is still in Arizona.
Explain to me, why this was on a truck, instead of a plane between these two points?

No answer. Nothing can be done, they say.
Tags: it came from the internet, it's only bad service if you die, shipping shenanigans, wank
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