Kelly (kellyl) wrote in bad_service,

Making fun of his accent? Now that is just low.

Recently my significant other Keaton has moved to Canada from Australia and one night he wanted to go out for food and a movie with me. We weren't hungry before the show, so we went after.

Keaton and I come into A&W and he tells me to find a booth since it was quickly filling up, get some straws for our drinks and some napkins and he'd wait in line to get us our food.

"A medium diet coke, a medium orange crush, onion rings and a plain cheeseburger, please," he orders (I could hear him clearly since I was only a bit away). The girl at the till repeats the order and it's correct so two minutes later he comes back with our tray and sits down.

I have this habit of opening up my burgers before eating them and I see there is onions, ketchup and all this other stuff in my burger. Also my Coke isn't diet, it's regular Coke. Keaton notices his Orange Crush is actually orange juice. I show Keaton this and he lets me nibble on his onion rings while he goes to tell this person the problem. Another person is there cause apparently that girl's shift just ended.

"Excuse me. We didn't order this..." and he tells the guy there what we originally ordered, sits back down with me and we continue to eat some onion rings. The guy comes back but this time there's two diet cokes and my burger still has all that stuff on it that I didn't want.

Both Keaton and I are getting frustrated cause now it's been almost an hour and we want to go home to bed since it's late. Keaton gets back up and repeats very slowly what we wanted.....and...ten minutes later they screw up our order again. He asks to speak to the manager politely, asking if either they can get our order correct this time or we can have our money back for the food that was messed up.

"I'm sorry, sir." Says Manager Man. "But no one could understand you with your freaky accent."

...What? Now that was beyond stupid. Everyone repeated back to Keaton what we wanted and it was all fine and dandy before they plunked the food down in front of us.
And secondly, Keaton does not have a freaky accent. Yes, he's from Australia, his accent is very mild and he rarely speaks any Aussie what the hell? Sounds like they just wanted an excuse to poke fun at him.

Keaton takes my hand, his face all red with embarrassment and he keeps his composure and says "C'mon, dear. We're leaving."

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