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...i hate waiting

the letter i sent to a & e factory service today.

at my first appointment to fix my dishwasher i was informed that the part would need to be ordered. when the part came in i called maytag back to schedule the repair appt. i was informed that i would have to call you directly to set it up. it would have saved me time had your tech informed me of this.
i made the second appt for 3-7-11 between 8am & 12pm. i canceled a few plans to make this possible. at 7:37am on the 7th i received an automated phone call reminding me about my appointment between 8 & 12. at noon i called your business. the woman i spoke to said that she had sent both the dispatcher and the tech a notice to call me as my appointment time was already over.
at 1pm (having gotten no phone calls) i called again. the gentleman who answered this time called the dispatcher directly & discovered that even though my appt had been set for 8-12 i would be the last stop on the techs route. at 1:39 pm i received an automated call saying that the tech was running behind & would be arriving sometime after 12.
at 3:31 the tech called me to tell me he was about 30 minutes away. it was 4:15 when he showed up. i have no problems with the tech, himself (the one that finally showed up that is).
what i do have a problem with is the fact that noone bothered to call me and let me know that my appointment time had been rescheduled. i waited around for 5 hours for someone to show up or call. it is my understanding that the man who was scheduled to come between 8 & 12 had gotten sick. i understand that, it happens. it is NOT acceptable to make someone wait all day for an appointment time that was changed without notice. if i need another service call on my appliances i will be asking maytag if there is another company that they can send.
for the record robert (tech # ******) was awesome & fixed my dishwasher as quickly as he could.

if they had just CALLED ME.....-sigh-
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