knicky82 (knicky82) wrote in bad_service,

when the world says sit, do the hustle

Last semester I had the displeasure of taking the 50U route to my campus every morning driven by a snarling wench with a vicious temper. She was a stickler for sticking to her schedule and if anyone threw her off by a nanosecond, god help you.

One morning it was a balmy 13 degrees F, and I see a long line leading to the door of the bus so I get behind the last person. No big deal right? I thought myself lucky seeing as how these cold temperatures can make a short wait seem like an eternity.

So I get on, sit down and she picks up her mike and starts preaching in the snottiest tone imaginable, all the while glaring from her mirror directly at me.

Snarling Wench: "Here is a public service announcement. If you see a long line, you best hold back and wait for the next bus instead of making me late, and don't follow the crowd, WAIT FOR THE NEXT BUS. THANK YOU."

To add to the fun, she had a little fan base in the back yelling out, "AMEN SISTA, AMEN!!!" Cute no? How could one person throw her schedule off that much when I behaved like anyone else would? I didn't dawdle, I hopped right on, slipped in my bus pass and sat down.

I was witness to another one of her outbursts when a polite woman asked her why she just passed by a very popular bus stop (this was also when it was very, very cold out..I live in Minnesota). She gets on her mike again, "FOR YOUR INFORMATION I AM NINE MINUTES LATE YOU JUST SIT BACK AND LET ME DO THE DRIVIN'" and she didn't just snap, she went on and on, berating this poor woman.

Thankfully, metrotransit has lovely customer service (why certain bus drivers don't take their lead, I don't know) and I got a quick reply saying that this driver had a good talking to after I e-mailed them explaining her behavior. And I've never seen the wench again :)

This wasn't necessarily bad service just...odd.

I was out at a restaurant with my boyfriend, and the perky waitress brings over the bill and sort of condescendingly informs us that she split the bill for us. Because we're a couple. I'm not against going dutch (and I'm definitely not one of those girls who believes in the guy paying for everything..I'd rather pay the whole bill myself). But it just kind of took me back because I'd never seen a waitress do that before.
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