Astrianna the Sleepy Warlord (sleepywarlord) wrote in bad_service,
Astrianna the Sleepy Warlord

FTD flowers suck.

Groupon had a deal for FTD flowers.

Hubby thought it'd be great to buy it pre-Valentine's Day (there was a choice for pre, or on V-Day, but you know on V-Day is uber expensive, and I'm just appreciative to get flowers, period, so why not?

Well the Friday before came and went, and they had promised to deliver that day, so hubby was wtf when he came home and there were no flowers anywhere. He called the 1-800 hotline, and complained, they said have to get a hold of the florist and get it sent out. Call back tomorrow morning.

Overnight he got an email saying that the credit card limit was reached and he picked a bouquet that was unavailable and was told to pick another one. There's two problems with this! One, he didn't pay with a credit card - he paid with paypal - and there were funds available in his account. Secondly, he chose the bouquet he did from a page that said the list was for Canadian orders.

So he called in the next day to figure out what could be done. He did this 5-6 times as he either got a busy signal, disconnected or nobody answered. When he did get through, they told him he had to cancel his order, and place a new order. He explained he was concerned with using the Groupon and still getting the discount, and they told him they had a special line dedicated to Groupon orders, and gave him a number. He called them and it was Groupon Tech Support (not anything related FTD flowers like they made it sound like).

A bit annoyed, he called back and they had cancelled his order on him - without really asking or informing him that they were doing it. They said his "credit card" was declined (even though he didn't use one). When he explained he didn't use a credit card, and used Paypal, they just again repeated that his credit card was declined.

When he tried to explain he ordered off the page that said "for Canadians" they ignored him and repeated what they said earlier, again - that there was only one bouquet available. He told them it's not fair to hold his money hostage like this and not let him order something around the same price he agreed to. They said you can order THIS (there was apparently ONLY ONE bouquet available), and he said well no that's not fair, because it cost a lot more than what he'd decided on ordering.

Rinse, lather, repeat. Eventually, he told him he'd just get a refund from Groupon and never deal with them again, and the guy said OK FINE, and when he asked for his badge number, he just hung up on him.

Reading FTD flower's twitter account though, I'm not surprised :/ We should've done more research, as they have an entire page of apologizing to messing up people's orders. We got refunded by Groupon so yay good service from them, but blah to FTD flowers and their florists!
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