Astrianna the Sleepy Warlord (sleepywarlord) wrote in bad_service,
Astrianna the Sleepy Warlord

Car seat cover fury?

Went to Canadian Tire a while ago, looking for seat covers for the new car.

Didn't realize things were so complicated (never bought them before) -- so there was actually a limited selection to choose from. Needed to get specific "side air bag" ones for the car, and hubby wanted ones that came with a separate headrest cover.

In our search, we compared colours and patterns. Apparently what they showed on the box wasn't what was inside (I checked inside to be sure-- and before someone goes nuts-- the box was not taped, I opened it, and looked at the fabric and neatly put it back-- I didn't pull everything out). I did this to a few boxes until I stumbled upon a nearly destroyed box. What held it together was lots of packing tape, but lo and behold, despite the condition of the box I liked the pattern of the fabric inside. I decided to buy it, but before I did I wanted to check all the pieces were there. (I've had to return things before because pieces were missing). So I opened it up, and took everything out - carefully-- and lo and behold one of the headrest covers were missing. Suckage, so I put it neatly away and put it back on the shelf (which I admit is my suck - I should've brought it to someone's attention... I wasn't thinking).

We went to look at mats, and came back to see if we'd missed anything. Spotted covers on a higher shelf and went to find someone to ask if they could take them down so we could look at them.

The guy copes an attitude and says, "You going to take them all apart like that one?"

I'm a bit shocked and stammer to explain that I didn't destroy the box.

"No, I put everything away on the shelf, I didn't leave it like that and I saw you," he says.

"Well, I took it out to check the pieces, because the box was dilapidated, and it's been my past experience that boxes in those conditions are missing things, which it is! It's missing a headrest cover!"

But he cut me off somewhere, going off about how now "nobody's going to buy it looking like that!"

My hubby then stepped in, angered a bit that the guy wouldn't listen, and added that we didn't destroy the box, again but we checked the parts.

Then he turned around, "Oh so you did do it!?" and it kinda escalated from there between my hubby saying he was horrid at customer service and was going to speak to his manager, and the guy offering to call his manager right then and there for him.

Hubby walked off, swearing never to buy from that store, and refusing the manager because the guy would just talk to him and give him his story first. I went back, to a cashier away from that department and called a manager.

I explained what had happened, and while I understood the misunderstanding, his attitude was completely unprofessional and wasn't good giving the company a good representation of customer service. He didn't even listen, he accused of us destroying the box, etc.

The manager said he understood, and it made sense because it had been opened before, and how we wanted to check the contents, etc-- I can't recall exact wording but it was obvious he spoke to the employee before he came over.

TL;DR: Went looking for seat covers, looked inside a beaten up box to make sure the pieces were there- they weren't, and employee chewed me out for the state of the box when I didn't do it.

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