Andrea (allywonderland) wrote in bad_service,

Let me "help" you

Went to the grocery store this morning with both small people in tow.

I parked next to the cart corral, in that corral was one of the big kid carts (it seats 3 kids). As I'm getting out to grab that cart an employee comes up with two other carts that he's obviously going to put in the corral. I said "oh wait please, let me get that kid cart out." And he completely ignores me, pushes the carts in and then gives them a big shove. So now my kid cart is halfway down the corral and blocked by two other carts.

It really would have been so much to let me grab the cart before putting the other in? Heck, he could have left the others outside and I would have put them in after getting the one I wanted out.

I decided it would be too much of a pain to try to get the kid cart out so I went up to the carts near the door where, of course, there were no kid carts. He was just walking in so I asked him to get me one of the kid carts and he said he couldn't it was his break time.
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