Katie C. (nekonezume) wrote in bad_service,
Katie C.

Awkward moment in the bra store.

I work in a mall, and across from our store is a lingerie and bathing suit store. I needed some new underwear, so I went over on my lunch break to browse. What followed was an awkward moment between me and the manager.

Manager: Oh hey, you know what you should try on? This one. (she shows me a bra)
Me: Oh, yeah, that's nice.
Manager: Yeah, it's good for someone with a small bust but a tall build.
Me: Er...
Manager: You're, what? A 34B?
Me: Ah, no... I'm actually a 36D...
Manager: WHAAAT? No way. Are you sure?
Me: ...Yes...
Manager: Where did you get fitted?!
Me: Here. A year ago. (I lied; it was actually a well-known competitor store that is down the hallway. I anticipated the response would have been something along the lines of "they always do it wrong" or "get fitted here instead", the latter of which I really did not feel comfortable with at the time!)
Manager: Wow. Where do you put it all?
Me: Ahaha, I don't know...
Manager: Oh, well... go look at some other stuff!
Me: Yeah... (walks out!)

Is it just me or should someone who works at a bra store, let alone the manager, just... NOT speculate about a client's size? Or really any clothing store, for that matter.

(I know I could have stood up for myself a little better, but seeing as this store is the neighbor to our own, I was concerned about things becoming even more awkward than they already were. Besides, the manager has come into our store to complain about our manager over something unrelated, so I really didn't want her coming in to complain about me while I wasn't there!)
Tags: bra banter
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