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So, we rent our house. It's an old house, with old counters, cabinets, bathrooms, pipes, etc.

During Christmas time our sink pipes burst, making a lake on our kitchen floor. Thankfully Stepdad, Grampa and Neighbour are all handy men - after much rushing around, we got the parts and they managed to fix it...although the cabinets under the sink suffered severe water damage, which warped the wooden part of the counter - underneath the stone.

Owner of house is "pleased we have handy people around" but "wishes we would have called professionals"...despite having hired all three of those people to build the fence around the yard, and the set of stairs outside and the side deck. And apparently we "should have consulted her first", when she lives in England, didn't answer our phone calls/emails, and lives in freaking England. We are in Canada. We cannot just drop by to say there's something wrong.

That's not the b_s though, that's more me being irked that this lady is being all weird.

Edited: to add a few photos, just to show some of the damages and such. Forgive bad quality, it was taken with my cell phone.

It's now February. Owner of house is in Canada - she brings people in here, and does an estimate on replacing the counters. We are going to replace the counter tops, extend the counter itself, and move the stove. They give her the estimate, tell her they can do it all, plus replace the sink. Hunky dory. She tells mom she'll talk to her by tuesday - two tuesdays ago.

No phone call. She magically appears at the house, to get her mail, and has a shit fit outside because she's terrified of cats, and I hadn't known in advance that she was coming so was unable to lock them all up. She says she will contact mom at friday, at the latest. That was last friday. She also made long distance phone calls on our house phone.

No phone call. She called sometime sunday, and told my younger sister - who she knows is thirteen - that the people will be here. Tuesday at four in the afternoon. It's a five hour job.

Basically, we can't use our kitchen. My best friend and I spend all day tuesday, ripping apart the kitchen. By ripping apart, I mean removing all the pots/pans everything from the kitchen. By the end of it, you can't go into the living room, we're so stacked with stuff.

Counter people don't show up. Mom gets ahold of land lady, after hours of calling her. Land lady says "He told me he was there at four and no one was home"

There were four people at home plus the dog, who barks as soon as he hears a car. He lied. So, she calls him back, then calls us. "I told him if he wasn't there by eight thirty tomorrow morning, I AM going to sue him. We had a contract, I am leaving the country tomorrow, I want it done before I go. I will be there before eight thirty."

I get up at eight, as mom has work...no one shows up by eight thirty. The workers don't get here until almost ten o'clock, and the land lady doesn't arrive until eleven. Turns out, the people lied. They thought moving the stove meant they were going to shove it to another corner and plug it in...it doesn't work like that. So now they have to call their electric dude to come and put in a shit ton of wires. Fantastic. He'll be here by four.

Owner of house leaves, workers finish up by noon after saying it was a five hour job. They did not caulk the counter, there is over an inch of space betwee the counter and the wall. The part they extended? The end of it, they put white boarding on. The counters are black and our cabinets are brown. They "didn't have our color in stock", I was told later by Owner of house.

I actually go into the kitchen, and oh my god. I took multiple pictures of it. They have broken exacto blades everywhere, chunks of wood, rubber, everything. The counters were smeared with the glues they used on the sink, the counters have drill holes in places they shouldn't.

Land lady comes back at three, asks about it all. I show her the pictures, the evidence and tell her I'm not impressed. She says she isn't either, and sneaks off to have a private conversation. I'm not actually listening in on her, don't get me wrong. But she called the people who were working - and started talking about the work they were doing at both her brother and mothers homes. I mean...She told us she was going to sue them, and she had no idea they were so bad, but they're doing all this work for her. So, they lied to her, to us, and she lied to us. WTF, right?

Five o'clock, an hour later, the electric dude shows up. He left half an hour ago, at nine. He never installed the fan over the stove. Which was the whole reason it was being moved. The people that put in our counter gave the owner the wrong information, so now we have to wait weeks before we can get that fixed.

Land lady also asked me to sign as a witness, saying that her brother can make decisions about the house while she's out of the country. I'm nineteen, so I can legally sign it, but why didn't she ask my stepdad, mom, aunt, or uncle? I did read it over before signing, as I'm paranoid like that, but it was jus so weird. She used our phone for a bit longer, then just left. She said she wants me to email the photos of the damage and mess to her, but when she was talking to them on the phone, she didn't complain or say anything at all.

This is just so ridiculous. The patch job the electric guy did was horrible....he didn't do it right at all. We have big, ugly squares carved all over our kitchen now. I know it's not our house, we don't own it, but we're the ones that have to live here. Not cool.

Those are pieces of the exacto blade that was left on my freezer, as well as some marks they made. And of course, dirt.

There is a small pile of the dirt I swept up, and some of the wood chunks they left behind. I also noticed, the caulking around the counter has gaping holes and such. We're going to have to redo that all ourselves. That wasn't the worst of the dirt, I'm not just being a whiner :P

This here is the exacto blade my dog was trying to eat. He found it on the floor, I assume, as there was many other chunks on the floor. Wood is one thing, but come on guys. Clean up this shit.

This is VERY hard to see, as my cell phone quality isn't the best. This is some of the dirt they left on the actual counters. I had pushed it all against the back so I could just show how much sawdust and such they left behind. There were also a few scratches, which kind of sucks...

Seeeeee, I wasn't being a whiner. That was the garbage they had pushed under the newly exteneded counter, and hid underneath a box. Fantastic right? This amount of garbage was tripled, all over my kitchen.

Okay, so this might not be noticeable to everyone. Of course, we are going to have to paint over the patches, that's a no brainer. But if you look, you can see different places where it sticks out and such. He never sanded the drywall or anything, so it's major fail for us. It's also on parts of the walls it doesn't NEED to be on.

And that is near the ceiling, above my stove. It kind of um....He didn't....well how do I put this? He didn't need to put a hole there, and realized afterwards that he didn't need it.

There are other pics, mostly repeats of the same garbage. Again, sorry for shit quality.
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