Nahemah (his_nahemah) wrote in bad_service,

Unexpectedly terrible customer service on multiple levels

This is possibly the worst customer service I've ever received, and from a restaurant's owner, no less.

Having visited this restaurant (sandwich place just north of Chicago) several times in the past and receiving ok food and ok service, I absolutely refuse to ever go again based solely on the attitude of the owner.

I recently ordered food to go on a Friday afternoon. It wasn't very busy and my order was simple: a burger with a side of potatoes and coleslaw, plus an extra order of potatoes and coleslaw, which I knew would cost extra. Fine. Guy X (who I recognize as the owner from previous visits) charges me for my food, I look in the bag and everything looks ok, I even add a tip of $2 to my bill for pickup.

I get the food home, and they gave me only one order of potatoes, after charging me for two. Wouldn't be a big deal, except that these stupid potatoes cost $3, plus tax. So I called them to ask to please just refund my card for the food I didn't receive.

And this is where it all goes terribly wrong.

The man I spoke to said that they'd give me an extra order of potatoes the next time I came in. Uh, no, I'd just like my money back please, which is easy since I paid with a credit card. He said their "system" doesn't allow them to adjust bills, and I either have to take the extra potatoes or if I'm going to be a pain about it, maybe they can send me a check for my $3 and tax. His tone was the rudest I have EVER heard from anyone speaking to a customer. I politely asked to speak to the manager or owner, and that's when he identified himself as such. Uh oh.

I explained that I've never heard of a credit card system that doesn't allow money to be refunded, and what do they do if they accidentally overcharge someone? His response was "There are 30 people standing in here and I don't have time to deal with this. Give me your address and we'll send you the check for your $3." Again, tone is everything. And if you, as an owner, can't handle a whole 30 people in your restaurant at one time, you also have other problems.

Having asked a friend later who worked as a waitress, his statement that he couldn't credit my card is absolute BS. There is no system on earth that would not allow a return to a credit card, ESPECIALLY in food service, when you have to add and adjust for tips after the bill has been rung up, etc. This restaurant also tries to sell itself as pretty high-end, so it's not as if they have to take manual imprints of credit cards or something.

In any case, based on his tone, and knowing he was the one who gave me my food (and thus my $2 tip, which was based on an inflated bill anyway) I asked that the tip be refunded as well. He said "Oh so you want to punish the server, too?" I said "No, I want the money back that you overcharged me and based on the service I'm receiving right now, no tip is merited."

That was more than two weeks ago and I'm still waiting on that check. Not holding my breath.

ON TOP OF ALL THIS, they have apparently subscribed me to their e-mail list, which I never signed up for nor do I have any idea how they got my e-mail address. After "unsubscribing", I received another e-mail the very next day "from one of the owners" (the same owner that I spoke with) promoting his new book and including a ridiculous, inappropriate, and outright offensive YouTube video. Not only that, the e-mail was sent such that everyone could see the e-mail addresses of everyone it was sent to. Nice security practice, jack ass.

The only thing I really don't like about this situation is that now they have my full name, home address, and e-mail address. And probably my credit card number.

Very long story short, I will never, ever, EVER patronize this place again, due to their owner's terrible customer service, outright lies, and completely unprofessional and inappropriate business practices, and I hope no one else in my city does either.
Tags: "i'll not be coming back here", *bad policy, business breaking the rules, commenters morally obligated to disagree, customers shouldn't get what they want, it's only bad service if you die, op likes replying!
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