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My boyfriend's co-worker gave us a $25 Target gift card for our baby shower. We went to use it on 02/12, and were told that there was no money on the card. We went up to Guest Services to see what was happening, and the first employee we spoke with, despite us having the receipt, told us we were out of luck as there was no such transaction in the system. A second employee overheard our conversation and came over to help. She called the gift card line, and they didn't have the card number in the system at all, active or not. She passed the phone to me, and the rep on the line (Rep 1) told me she would have it researched and call me back on Monday (02/14). The GS rep at the store was very helpful, although there was nothing she could really do at the store level. We thanked her and left.

Monday came and went, and I got no call from Rep 1. She had given me her name and location, so I called back on Wednesday (to give her extra time) to speak with her, and got Rep 2. I asked to be transferred to Rep 1, since she had knowledge of the situation, and after asking me to repeat myself twice, Rep 2 transferred me to the Minnesota call centre, where I got Rep 3, a supervisor.

Rep 3 asked me if Rep 1 had given me a confirmation number. When I said she had not, Rep 3 said that Rep 1 had left for the day, and without a confirmation number, there was nothing she could do to help me. She wouldn't even let me explain what the issue was; she just told me to have a nice day, and hung up. At this point, I was getting a tad angry, so I emailed Guest Relations to see what could be done. I never did receive a call from Rep 1.

The response to my email, in which I included the receipt number, the gift card number, the time and date of the transaction, and the store contact information was this:
Dear [me],

I'm sorry for the trouble you've had with your Target GiftCard. There was no gift card purchased on the receipt number you provided. The store tried several times to get the system to work, but wasn't able to. Since their was no charge for the gift card, this card can't be activated.

Additionally, I'm sorry that we didn't follow up with you, when you were told you'd be called.

Congratulations on your upcoming baby.


[Rep 4]
Target Guest Relations

As you can imagine, I found this to be completely unacceptable. I emailed back, asking what other proof I could possibly give, because I felt that Target was essentially stealing $25 from my boyfriend's co-worker (I did not say that part in the email). Rep 4 responded by telling me I could fax the receipt and a copy of the back of the card to their Refund Authorisation Team, and that she would follow up with me once it was received. I thought I was really getting somewhere!

I was wrong. I was informed today that there is no such transaction, and the matter is closed. There is no proof whatsoever that the card was actually paid for, so they cannot assist me further. Nice. So, the receipt I'm looking at that says $25 cash was paid for a gift card on 02/04/2011 means nothing? I haven't emailed back, because I'm letting myself calm down lest I say something I'll regret.

At this point, I wonder what happened to the money. Was there a system glitch? Did the cashier somehow void the transaction and pocket the cash? I hate to think such terrible things about people, but in the end someone is responsible for this missing money. It may 'only' be $25, but it still rightfully belongs to my boyfriend's co-worker! I couldn't care less about not getting a gift; I'm concerned that she was cheated.
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