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In 2008, I had an apartment in North Carolina. Wainright Property Management was fine, when I was moving in. They let me cosign, the apartment was nice enough, etc. etc. But then I had to move out, and my roommate and I arranged that she would stay without me. Said roommate had paid the entire initial security deposit, so I went to the office before I left and signed a document forfeiting my half of the eventual return of that deposit.

Now, fast forward to sometime last month. I get a call from Wainright, asking me for an address to forward my share of the deposit. Where's my form? I ask. You never signed one, they say. But the lady on the phone assures me that they can send me that form, if I just give them my address. So I do.

Guess what shows up?

Didja guess a check?

They lost my form, and shorted my ex-roommate $240 to send it to me, instead. And I've lost touch with her in the intervening 2.3 years, as people do. When I call them, asking them to fix it since they -do- have forwarding address, they blame me for the mixup, despite me giving them that form once and asking for it a second time. And refuse outright to fix it. So I had to spend my time tracking down ex-roomie, and sending her the money they should have sent her in the first place.
Tags: landlord shenanigans

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