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 So, this happened a looooong time ago, but it's still the most obnoxious thing I've ever dealt with in my life, service-wise. Also, I'm brand new. XD

Sometime in 2010, I heard that Lady Gaga was coming to my area. I flipped a donkey, I was so happy. Needless to say, I'm a huge fan of hers and decided to save up, while I would buy my tickets (One for a friend and one for me) on my credit card. I had no APR for the first year, so I felt no risk using my credit card. I've used the most popular ticket site before to buy tickets to musicals and comedians before, so this couldn't have been much different. Unfortunately, Lady Gaga tickets were hard to come by on this particular site. I found another website that my friend (who was coming with me) said she used to buy Coldplay tickets last year. To our happiness, this place HAD our tickets, GA (which was our desired place) and for VERY cheap. Usually, I'd be a bit wary about the awesome circumstances, but my friend DID see Coldplay the year before, so I had no fears.

I order our tickets and we wait. We buy them over a month before the concert, because I'm a planner. Now, weeks go buy, and no tickets. Generally, after I buy tickets, they come in the mail VERY soon. Not sure why, but it usually doesn't take weeks. So, I e-mailed the company asking why, and they basically said that THEY don't even have the tickets yet. They should get to me the week before the concert.

I know. This is my red flag moment, but I was still being assured from my friend that the site was legit and all that. So, five days before the concert, STILL no tickets, I e-mail. I get NO contact back. I e-mail him two days before the concert, asking him to tell me exactly where the ticket were. He explained to me that the tickets were sent back to him from FedEx, because I wasn't there to sign for the package.

That's when my red flag started waving, blinking and doing mime tricks. I have received tickets before, NEVER have I EVER had to sign for them. And say these were super special tickets, and I did. FedEx and the USPS ALWAYS leave a message on your doorknob/in your mailbox about picking the package up at their location. ALWAYS. I told him all of this and he got snarky with me. He said then that I could pick them up at a ticket booth close to the venue the day of. I didn't trust him, but I wanted more than anything to go to this show, so I believed him.

So, the concert started at 8. I live about an hour away by train and the venue is actually AT the train station, see TDBank Garden at Northshore Station. It's a great venue and I love the area, and I've been a bazillion times. So, I have time to plan. We plan on leaving at six. That gives us enough time to get on fast food train food on before we go across the street, pick up the tickets and get to enjoy the show.

The guy called me at 5:30. Remember, it takes and HOUR to get there and about twenty minutes for me to pick up my friend and drive to the train station. He asked me when I intended on picking up the tickets. THIS WAS WHEN HE THOUGHT IT WAS BRILLIANT TO TELL ME THIS SPARKLING BIT OF INFORMATION. The ticket booth where my VERY EXPENSIVE tickets are? Closing at 6. I wanted to scream. He told me he could 'pull some strings' and get me in the next night and I flipped a coin, demanding a refund. I explained to him that I had never been so inconvenienced in my life, that I gave him over three hundred dollars for two pieces of paper that are easily sent out through the common postal service. Two stamps and done.

He proceeded to tell that this was all MY fault because I wasn't there to sign for the tickets. I told him to stop pointing fingers and give me my refund. The call was ended, and I gave him a few days. It took six e-mails from me, a threat from HIM saying he would charge me again if I didn't stop contacting him, and an eventual warning from the Better Business Bureau and a call from my credit card company to get him to give me my full refund.

Lesson; ONLY use ticketmaster for ticket purchasing. Or even those creepy vendors outside of the actual venue.
Tags: concert/ticket office, no one cares it's your first time, not as as if you bought nickelback
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