Kurenai Airen (kurenaiairen) wrote in bad_service,
Kurenai Airen

Doctors sometimes should take a course in manners and listening.

A couple of posts back about the doctor who didn't listen reminded me of something that happened about 8 years ago.

I tend to get sinus infections rather frequent. About twice a year, in the spring when everything is pollinating and in the fall when things start to get musty from closing all the doors and windows. I know what a sinus infection feels like since I have had them so often. I was about 13 so my mother calls the normal doctor for me, but she won't be able to see me for a couple of days since she's rather booked. So we get one of her colleagues and I go in later that afternoon. (Now mind you, normal doctor takes care of my grandmother, my mother, all of her sisters and myself so she knows my family super well.) New doctor is a rather odd man, he takes me and my mother in the office (which never happens, usually I would just go in alone. I think because he was a man she felt inclined to make sure nothing weird would happen, and oh did it.)

In the office I tell him I have a sinus infection and he asks where it hurts and I reply with with the usual spiel about it. From here on I'm going to go write it like a conversation, because it's gets weird.

Dr. "Do you have an friends?"
Me. "Yes." *confused look towards my mother*
Dr. "Do you talk to them on the phone?"
Me. "No."
Dr. "Why not?"
Me. "Cause I hate talking on the phone."
Now mind you, I just want to go home and die cause my head hurts so bad from the pressure in my sinus's. And his stupid questions are pissing me off.
Dr. "Do you mow your lawn."
Me. "No." *looks at my mother who is hiding her laughter*
Dr. "Why not?"
Me. "Cause our lawn is so big we have to mow it with a tractor."
Dr. "Are you depressed?"
Me. "No."
I in fact was not depressed, just sick.
Dr. "Do you get along with your mother?"
Me. "Yes." *looks at my mother with the face of "what in the hell is going on?!", while my mother burst out laughing. Now what kid is going to flat out say they don't get along with their mom who is sitting in the room with them?*
Dr. "I'm going to prescribe you some anti-depressants."

At this point my mother got up and told him off, cause she knows full well I'm not depressed but just sick and anti-depressants are not going to help a sinus infection. He gets mad and tries to tell her it's her fault I'm depressed. Meanwhile I'm sitting on the table trying to stop laughing cause it hurts so bad. We left, and went to the car where my mom called the normal doctor and told her what happened who, after knowing my family so well wrote a prescription and called it in to the pharmacist herself. To this day when I see my mom sometimes I say "Do you mow your lawn?" and she dies laughing. At least the whole experience gave me and my mother a running joke to last for years.
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