Cara or C.C., whichever you prefer (ms_octopus_lady) wrote in bad_service,
Cara or C.C., whichever you prefer

So I moved from San Francisco, CA to Birmingham, AL yesterday. I don't have a car and I'm only going to be living here for four months, so I booked a flight with Southwest and decided to try and fit everything into two suitcases, since Southwest lets you check in two bags for free.

I get there, and of course, my stupid ass packs too much and my suitcases are over the fifty pound limit, so I need to pay fifty bucks each to check them in, so that's a hundred dollar total. I grumble, but hey, that's what I get for insisting I bring ALL my shoes, ALL my jackets, AND my cast iron pan.

After about thirteen hours of travel (my first flight to Pheonix was delayed two hours and my connecting flight to Birmingham was delayed by three and a half, but I don't consider that bad_service, because, you know, shit happens), I finally arrive in my new home. It's past midnight at this point, I'm exhausted, so I go into my room and open up my suitcases to grab my toiletries and my PJs.

I start digging around, and I notice that some of my clothes feel kind of weirdly...cold. I dig a little deeper and start pulling out more clothes -- and sure enough, some of them are wet. Some of them are soaked.

And, in one of my suitcases, sand somehow got into it as well. WTF?

I then had to spend the next hour unpacking as much stuff as I could, trying to find places I could hang my pants and lay out my underwear so they could dry.

In the end, most of my clothing that got wet were cotton shirts, underwear, and jeans, but one of my wool jackets got wet as well as some books I brought along. >:(

C'mon, Southwest. I realize that the one hundred dollars I gave you to ship my stuff was mostly just to compensate for the fact that my shit was heavy, but REALLY? I give you all that money and some of my stuff shows up wet and covered in sand? How the fuck did you even get sand in my suitcase, anyway?!

Should I complain? Is this worth complaining over? If I should, do you think an e-mail would suffice? Or should I call? Or should I just drop it?
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