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I last posted here about my dealings with Charter and their fail. It's all straightened out, but it wasn't easy.

That was on a Tuesday, telling me to settle my bill by Saturday, and that they'd be "looking into" my claims that I'd paid for January and they'd taken the money, even though it wasn't showing up that way.

I hear nothing by Friday. So I call again. I explain the circumstances: I know I can my bill and the small past due amount, but not the extra "missing" month. And since they're still looking into that, it shouldn't count against me right?

WRONG. I had to talk in circles to three people, all of whom thought I just had to pay the bill and take credit for that extra month if it "reappeared." (I realize this could be considered a customer suck, since I kept asking for different people until I got what I wanted, but I didn't think it was right I should have to pay twice if it was their fault.) Over and over I said I would pay my current bill and past due amount, but could not afford the extra bill, and could they extend my grace period or whatnot for a while while they kept looking into that? I wasn't trying to get out of paying my bill and would do anything to help the process.

The first two? No sympathy. Talked to me like I was a deadbeat trying to weasel out of paying them. The third person grudgingly admitted that taking proof of payment in to one of the offices might help. (Thanks for the suggestion btw!) And that since it was an open investigation, they could waive that extra bill, for now, while they looked into it. So an hour later, I finally got to hang up. After paying my current bill and past due amount.

I went to the office, explained the situation, gave them the copy of my bank statement, asked them to fax it in or whatever the hell they had to do. They said they would.

Saturday my internet is shut off.

I almost screamed. I called Charter and was horribly rude to the automated voice trying to get me to reset my modem ("AGENT! AGENT! MOTHERFUCKING AGENT!") I explain the situation. I give the name and ID # of the guy I talked to who promised me I'd not get shut off.

"Well, if you'd just paid all of your bill..."

NO, FUCK YOU, I PAID MY GODDAMMED BILL AND WAS TOLD I'D NOT GET SHUT OFF. I ask if she can help, or if I can talk to someone else.

"I guess I can transfer you..."

FUCKING DO IT THEN. (Did not say this caps stuff out loud.) Thank you.

The next person thankfully straightens things out. I'm given an extra two weeks. If at the end of that time the money is not found, I will have to pay it or I will be shut off. Fine. Whatever. At this point I just don't want to ever deal with them again.

Today, the phone rings. My money has been found! The Heavens part! The angels sing!

"So I'm all paid up then? My account is current?"
"That's right ma'am. Is there anything else I can assist you with today?"
My face hurts from smiling. "Yes, I'd like to cancel my service."

She transfers me to retentions or whoever, and I calmly and happily say, "There is nothing you can offer me that will make me stay with your company. I have had enough dealing with you all this past week. I want to cancel my service."

AT&T is coming tomorrow! Oh I'm so happy.

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