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FedEx strikes out

A couple of months ago I discovered that had "Absolute MAD" for sale. I've grown up with MAD and was instantly incredibly tempted, but looked at the price, factored in the 25% VAT always added when buying things from the US and figured that it was too expensive. However, a couple of weeks later I was still thinking about it and still wanted it, so I reasoned that it was no longer an impulse buy and though still a lot of money, it'd be worth it in the end.

Thankfully on that regard I was absolutely correct, but "in the end" took a tad longer to get to than expected and was a lot more convulted than I'm used to.

Mid-jan the parcel shipped, with expected delivery on Mar 2nd. I thought it was quite a late delivery time, but figured that they'd just added in a huge buffer, considering it was a) from a marketplace seller rather than Amazon itself, b) going all the way to Denmark.

On Feb 9th on a whim I decided to click the tracing link Amazon had sent me to see how far the parcel had gotten, only to discover that allegedly the parcel had arrived to Denmark (via Paris, France) and had been registered as delivered and signed for the day before! It had even my city listed as the place of delivery and was signed for by a D. Dan! Now, my hands were suspiciously empty of any DVD-box, and there's no D. Dan living at my address (not even in the same appartment building - I checked), so I got a tad concerned, but as a note had been left that day that there was a parcel for me at the post office, I figured that the D. Dan was somebody working there, and FedEx had handed it over to Post Danmark rather than get it directly to me.

The next day I went to the post office, only to discover that the parcel waiting for me there was something else entirely and had nothing at all to do with Amazon. I biked home, checked the trace again, and saw that the parcel had been returned to Paris!

At this point I emailed the sellers to inform them of the situation. I didn't expect them to be able to do anything, and so was very pleasantly surprised when just an hour later I received a reply that'd they'd been on the phone with FedEx and the trace was wrong - the parcel had never been delivered and was curretly in Copenhagen airport and would go out for delivery the next day.

Strike One for FedEx - faulty trace.

Friday I came home from work to a note from FedEx in the mail box, telling me that since I hadn't been home for this "third and final delivery attempt" the parcel would be returned to sender. Excuse me? Third and final? Where were the notices for the two first attempts then? Or did it just mean that he'd knocked three times? (this was DH's idea).

Strike Two for FedEx - missing notices or lying about delivery attempts.

I immediately called customer support and arranged for a new delivery. As FedEx doesn't deliver on weekends and as the parcel could (allegedly) only be delivered to me personally, I asked for it to be delivered Monday and gave them the address for work - even though we're not actually supposed to receive parcels there.

Fast forward to lunch Monday. As I was sitting eating lunch I received a phone call from FedEx, asking me if I'd received the parcel, as he wanted to follow up on it. Ehh... say what? No, I hadn't, and it hadn't been left with the receptionist either. I expressed my puzzlement that it had been delivered at all, when I'd been told it had to be delivered to me personally, and was told that that was wrong - as long as there was somebody to sign for it, it could be left with other people as well. Gee, thanks for telling me that! Had I known that, I would have had it sent somewhere where I felt comfortable leaving it.

In FedEx's defence, the guy I was talking to was really surprised that I'd been told that, and immediately replied that he'd have to talk to the woman I'd spoken to Friday, as that was just plain wrong.

Anyway, he told me that according to the courier's note, the parcel had been delivered to building 1U, which is nowhere near the address I'd given Friday (I'm in building 8X - honestly, I can't remember if I said 8X, but it's the only building at that particular address, so it shouldn't have been necessary. 1U is two blocks over both South and West! So not somewhere you could mistake for the other address).

Strike Three for FedEx - not being able to read instructions.

I told him that that was absolutely wrong, but that I'd go check it out. He promised to also follow up on it, and would call me back later. I bundled up (windchill made it -20C yesterday) and biked over to 1U, only to discover that it was a lab building, and you couldn't even enter it without a keycard - it didn't have a reception or anything. Fortunately I met somebody who let me in and showed me where the internal deliveries were made, but obviously it wasn't there. She pointed me in the direction of 2C which was the closest building with a reception.

Walked over there and was told nope, we don't have it either. But try 8L - that's where deliveries usually are made.

I biked over to 8L and searched for ages for a door I could get through! Almost gave up twice until I saw another courier arrive with a parcel and figured I was probably in the right place after all - I followed him, and after a few mis-steps, finally found the right room... Only they didn't have it either! However, thankfully as this was the official mail delivery of that company (it's HUGE! I'd mention names, but I think people might actually know it) he knew where FedEx usually delivered parcels and could phone them for me. Yup, they had it! I have to admit that at this point I hardly believed my own ears when it became apparent from the phone conversation that it was there! I was pointed in the direction of 7FC and was FINALLY able to sign for and receive my parcel! And I've been reading MAD magazines pretty much non-stop ever since! ;-)

... oh, as a follow-up: the guy from FedEx called me back two hours later, to inform me that he'd gotten in touch with the courier and that he'd said that he'd delivered the parcel where he said he had, so if it wasn't there, he didn't know where it had gotten to... good thing I could tell him that then! DH suggested I should have left it to FedEx to find the parcel for me, but I honestly didn't trust them to do so at that time. Probably just as well, or I don't know when I would have gotten it!

TLDR: FedEx messes up trace, lies to me about delivery attempts (or at the very least neglects to leave notices of attempts) making me almost miss getting a parcel, and finally are unable to tell 8X, 1U and 7FC apart, sending me on quite the scavenger hunt before I finally find my parcel.

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