The Bean (beaniesue) wrote in bad_service,
The Bean

What is with KFC lately?

There is only one KFC in town. Usually they are super packed at lunchtime, but my husband asked me to pick up some grilled chicken for his lunch while I was out running errands.
The dining room was pretty much empty when I walked in. Like two customers sitting there eating. The drive-thru was hopping but no one on line at all.

I am on a sodium restricted diet right now and when I got to the register I had this lovely conversation

Me: Do you have a book with your nutritional information in it?

KFC Lady: A nutritious? What?

Me: Do you have like a sheet with calorie and fat and sodium information on it?

K: What's a sodium? *blank stare* *walks back towards the fryers*

And she didn't come back. Another woman walked up and asked if I'd been helped, I asked her for the same thing and she said to check the website. Well that doesn't do me any good being there so I ordered just ordered his food.

When I get his meal, there is no gravy on the potatoes and no biscuit. The original KFC lady came back up to the front...

Me: Where is the rest of the food?

KFC Lady: *makes a face like she is sniffing poop* You were asking all about the nutritious so I figured you didn't want extra, like stuff on stuff so I didn't give you any.

Me: What? Can I have the rest of my food?

KFC Lady: God! *picks up the food and starts walking to the trash*

Me: Don't throw it out! Just give me some gravy and the biscuit on the side. Can I just have
my food?

KFC Lady: It's just gravy. *mocking laugh* *slams food down on the counter*

I asked for a manager but none was there - a guy came from over by the fryers and told KFC Lady to go clean something and he gave me gravy and 2 biscuits.

I tried to call that afternoon to talk to a manager but the phone just rings and rings :( I've never had anyone ask "What's a sodium?" before. Turns out I can't really eat much there but sheesh!
Tags: kentucky fried suck
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