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Did I do it wrong?

Feel free to mock me if this doesn't live up to your definition of "bad service". It's hard to put into words some of the weird body language of this employee, so I may end up looking like I'm complaining about nothing.


Exciting bad service build up:
On Saturday afternoon, my husband and stepdaughter went to Subway for lunch. It was later in the afternoon, around 3:00ish, so we had missed the lunch rush by a couple hours and were way ahead of the dinner crowd. There were no other customers in the restaurant when we got there and the lobby was sparkly clean. This part only matters because I may have been a little more understanding if the restaurant had been obviously busy - as in a messy dining room or a bunch of customers or anything else indicating we just missed the worst onslaught of people this Subway had ever had - but there was nothing of that nature. In fact, it was the cleanest, emptiest Subway I think I've ever seen.

Also, there was only one employee up front working. There may have been another employee in the back room, but who knows. I only saw the one employee.

The bad service in somewhat of a script format:
Employee (growling and giving me a look that says I'm ruining her life by just existing): "How many sandwiches?"

Me (in shock because I'm not sure what I've done to warrant such immediate hate vibes from this girl): "Four six-inch sandwiches on wheat bread."

Employee: "HOW many SANDWICHES?"

Me (still in shock and thinking maybe the employee is hard of hearing): "Four six-inch sandwiches on wheat bread please."

The employee slams down 3 of the wax papers they use to wrap the sandwiches on the counter, walks to the big bread drawer thing and starts throwing the bread at the wax papers. At this Subway, the big bread drawer thing is at least 3 - 4 feet away from the counter. The few times I've been there, an employee will walk to the counter with the bread because it's a far enough throw that there's a pretty good chance of missing. This girl is side throwing bread like a Kenny Powers baseball video. 

She only throws 3 breads and walks back over to find out what we want.

Me (trying to be ultra polite because this is really uncomfortable): "I'm sorry, we're going to need four sandwiches. So another six-inch on wheat please."
Employee (rolling her eyes): "There's only 3 of you..."
Me (wondering why I'm even explaining this and fairly sure there's no problem at all with this employee's hearing at this point): "We're also ordering for someone that's not with us..."

The employee sighs, slams another wax paper down and walks back to the big bread drawer thing. This time, when she  flings the bread, she over throws it. The bread goes sliding on the wax paper and a small corner of it lands in the mayo. She walks back to the counter, picks the bread out of the mayo and looks at us expectantly. 

Me: "Um, can we please get another piece of bread since that one landed in the mayo. None of us eat mayo, so it's not something we were going to put on our sandwich anyway." 

Employee sighs loudly, grabs the bread with the mayo on it and throws it into the backroom. Not into a trash can in the back room, just whips it through the open door. Then she storms back to the big bread drawer thing and gets ready to throw another piece of bread. She is stomping and sighing loudly through this whole process. 

We're all standing there with huge eyes because this is so weird and confusing. My stepdaughter looks like she's about to cry and my husband is standing there in shock. 

Me (done being polite, have moved into very unhappy mode): "You know what, never mind. We don't want to buy anything from someone with your attitude."

Annnnnnd we all go stomping out of the Subway. 

So here's my question, bad_service, what could I have done to handle this better? Should  I have called the manager? I feel like I handled this completely wrong, but am not sure what I could have done differently.  

*** Update ***
I'm contacting the store manager and going to the website after work. Thanks for all the helpful advice, bad_service.  

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