Sylken Whyspers (softlywhispered) wrote in bad_service,
Sylken Whyspers

uh..a little personal service please?

So today, with my troupe of 6 other brides maids and bride, we all went to a pedicure spa. We all get our individual people and my girl is young. I see that she has her ear phones in, and think.. "Ok, cool, no problem." And that was fine.. until I hear her talking. I'm a little confused, through the whole service she keeps her head bowed, her face shielded from me, never once making eye contact. Only tapping what ever leg she wants for me to put up.. She was talking, albeit quietly, on her phone. The ENTIRE time. Tip was still 20% because she did a fine job, but MAN... could you please have a little personal interaction with your customer, how about a "How are you?" the only question I got asked was "You choose your nail polish color yet?"
Tags: don't speak, enough said? not really, look at me look at me, maybe they were zombies, wedding stuff, you gotta speak up

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