MAKE READY MY SHIP GENERAL (rkotaku) wrote in bad_service,

Driving school suck

Back when I was 17, I was taking driving lessons so that I could get my license. Before picking this particular school I shopped around and found this one had very good reviews, so I went with them.

I was only able to take the first of three lessons before the school completely shut down. Turns out, one of the owners was accused of sexually harassing a female student during a lesson. He told her to pull over, and when she did so he allegedly began kissing her neck and fondling her. I never heard an update to this, unfortunately, as no news stations ever updated about it.

Once news broke of this, the school closed their doors, shut down their website, and disconnected all of their numbers - they had probably 6 or 7 different numbers. Obviously, no one was able to contact them. Many people weren't able to receive a refund when they paid for all lessons in advance.

Oh, and they would not provide proof that anybody had taken lessons. This was my problem. We tried all of the numbers, the emails, etc, and were forced to give up. We called a few other driving schools and they stated that I had to have proof that I'd taken my first lesson, or else we'd need to pay for another first lesson. So, we decided to wait until I was 18 [where lessons aren't required] to get my license. It was a pain, because my dad is disabled and I would have been able to do errands for him and help him out, but I couldn't.

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