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You have lost my business Best Buy

okay, so this isnt the worst service in the world.. but it's enough to really annoy me.

Almost two weeks ago I took a drive to Best Buy because I was finally ready to buy a Nook Color. After weeks of reading reviews, asking friends, etc, I had finally decided what I wanted.

So I get there Colors. Plenty of nook classics, kindles, sonys, etc.. but no colors. My fault, I should have called first. So I walk over to the man at the desk at the entrance and ask him if he could tell me when they expect their nook colors to be in, or if they maybe had any in the back. (i work retail, i know they arent usually in the back, but I thought that I would try my luck). Man at desk informs me that I need to go to the customer service desk to the left and ask the guy there because he can look it up for me. Okay.. I do that.

Now I noticed something was off about this second guy when I was first looking at the colors... he was just glazed out of his mind. So i ask him the same question "when do you expect your nook colors in". He looked to me and my father (who was with me because he needed something at the mall across the street) and goes

"oh...uhm... we out."

all i can think is yes i know that... thats why i am here. so i told him that his coworker told me to come to him and ask him to look it up. He looks around for about a minute, with a drug out "uhhmmmm..." and finally says "i.. uhm.. was writing an email. so like.. let me... get the person who can help you?"

about five minutes later a lady walks up. I explain to her i was told to come to her, and ask my question. her reply?

"yea, we're out." and she moves as if to walk away. I just clear my throat and say "I know. That's why I'm asking if you can tell me if you know when you expect them to be in? I was told you could do that."

"well, our truck didnt come because of the snow.. so we're all out."

Now I am just annoyed. First of all, quit the snotty tone of your voice. Secondly, the snow was a week ago.My dad actually cut in here and told her "I'm a truck driver too... my boss told me to get out on the road or else. Theres no way your truck didnt come." which is true.. even my store had trucks DURING the blizzard.. 3 trucks to be exact. Whatever.. fine.. your truck didnt come. I just am asking my question and would like an answer. I would have even accepted a "sorry but we cant actually see when our order is coming in".

But no.. she sighs heavily as if I am SUCH a burden on her job, slams the keyboard to bring her computer to the right screen and snottily says "I'l give you a raincheck. what's your number?"

uhm.. no. that's not what i was asking. A raincheck won't do anything anyway because the nook is NOT on sale.. it has no point. When will they be in? seriously.. was it that hard for her to just be polite?!  so i go through the hulabaloo of giving her my info to get a raincheck and ask her if she knows if any are coming in at all.

"I don't know, we're all out." and she just walked away. She WALKED AWAY!! I could have spoken to a manager but I was just too annoyed.

Fast forward to today. I call Best Buy to find out if they have recieved any colors in.

Man on phone: whats?

Me: Nook colors... its the ereader. I was in a couple weeks ago and you were out so I thought I'd call first.

MOP: o... let me look. hold on.

Okay.. im fine with this. he needs to get on his computer to check inventory.

MOP: hold on..  i need to put you on hold.

so i wait.. and wait... maybe about 3 minutes or so. I  wasnt even on actual hold. I could hear the t.v. playing in the background and the other workers talking. Finally he gets back on

MOP: uhm... no we're all out.

Me: Oh darn... okay. Do you know if you are getting any in?

MOP: we're out. i dont know what to tell you. have a good day. CLICK.


Seriously best buy? Rude two times now? (not including all the other times ive been there for geek squad assistance?)

You will NOT be getting my business. I'll go to an actual Barnes and Noble thanks.  TL;DR: Best Buy is rude both in the store and over the phone. Glazed out associate, really rude other associates. Will NOT be getting my business
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