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Seriously, watch your mouth

I'm a case manager for mental health services. This means, amongst other other things, I have 30+ clients and it's my job to help them access social services and resources. Often, this means going with them to physician and psychiatrist appointments and then going with them to the pharmacy.

I'm with a client who got two new prescriptions. This client is a sweet woman. She goes up to the counter, tells the pharmacist she should have two scripts being faxed over. At this point, she specifically names what each script was for (ex. my heart medicine and my headache medicine). They don't have it yet, so the pharmacist has to call the doctor's office.

We sit and wait... and wait... and wait. For over 40 minutes. My client's name is called, and she goes up to get her meds. The following conversation ensues:

My client: oh... I'm sorry, there's only one. I was supposed to get two.
Pharmacist: Well they only sent us ONE SCRIPT. (really nasty attitude)
My client: Well, there was supposed to be two. I told you two.
Pharmacist: Well, I was on hold with your doctor office for a LONG TIME. (and she STARES at my client)
My client: ...but I need my medications.
Pharmacist: UGH. Okay fine but if I call them again I'm going to be on hold for a LONG TIME.

At this point, I had stood up and I was ready to rip into her for speaking to my client like that, but my client waved me down. I told her if the pharmacist took that tone with her again I was going to tear into her.

The whole interaction she was implying my client was a giant inconvenience and somehow stupid... uugh, just made my blood boil. If she ever speaks to anyone like that in front of me again, I'm not letting it go.
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