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Sidewalks are for walking on! (WTF.)

Not sure if this technically counts as "service", since we weren't actually patronizing anything at the time, but considering that the person in question was an employee of the school I go to, I thought I'd put this up anyway. (I'm open to criticism if anyone thinks this doesn't belong here.)

So, there's been a lot of snow in a lot of places; this includes on my college campus. Unless the weather is absolutely horrendous, the sidewalks and streets on campus are generally kept well plowed and salted, but since many of the sidewalks are set up in a rather meandering way around large grassy areas, people often prefer to walk across the snowy grass to save time. (This is done all the time, of course; not just in winter.)

Today, I was in a class group walking to the library, and we did just that. One of the snow plow operaters was working nearby at the time (not sure why; there wasn't any snow there, so maybe she was just passing through). She saw us walking across the snow, stopped the plow, opened the door, and yelled at us, "You know, I work really hard to keep these sidewalks clean for you, and you go and do that! Yeah, that makes a LOT of sense!" Then she slammed the door and moved on.

We were all pretty taken aback by that. I mean...I can understand it being frustrating trying to keep up with the weather we've had lately, but was that any reason to yell at us for doing something pretty much everyone on campus does?

(Edited for clarity.)
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