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I don't know if this is what I would call "bad service," and I'm preparing myself for one hell of a bashing if this proves to be an inappropriate place to post.

Well, I had an unnerving experience at a store this morning.

Today is Mother's Day. I celebrate part of Mother's Day by paying my respects at the cemetary (my mother died seven years ago). I went to a well-known grocery store to pick up some flowers.

Me: I hate Mother's Day
MF: My friend
IC: Insensitive cashier

IC: "So are you doing anything special for Mother's Day?"
Me: *dies a little inside* "Just the flowers."
MF: "She's getting her mom some flowers."
IC: "Well, that's nice of you. Are you going to take her out anywhere?"
Me: *wishing to bog she'd hurry up ringing through my purchase* "Um... no."
IC: "Well, she's your mother, after all. I would think she deserves a day out."
Me: "Uh, no, I --"
IC: "You don't think your mom is worth a day out?"
MF: (very quietly, almost a whisper) "Um... her mother is gone."
IC: *blank look*
MF: "As in dead. Not living."
IC: (cheerfully) "Oh. Well, at least you'll save a few extra bucks, then!"

In all fairness, IC was probably trying to make light of a very awkward situation, but even *I* wouldn't mock the dead. I'm not looking for "Oh, you poor soul, I'm so sorry," but I do ask for a little consideration. Not everyone has living parents; days like Mother's Day and Father's Day can hit some people pretty hard. Think before you speak.

And to the acquaintance who told me to "get over it" because it's been seven years: A big, hearty "fuck you" is in order, with a side of "kiss my ass."
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