elyseo del toro (eccentricitee) wrote in bad_service,
elyseo del toro

usi wireless suck

not anything major, but it sure put a damper on my day.

i arranged to be connected with usi wireless, a company in minneapolis, for wireless internet at my apartment.

the installer came out on the 26th, and because my apartment is on a ground floor and kind of positioned in the back of the house, he wasn't able to get a connect in the normal way.
we arranged for a crew to come out on february 7th to mount the connector to the front of the house and run and ethernet cable to my apartment/router.
he said i wouldn't be charged for the visit since there was no installation.

sucked to not have the internet, still, but whatever. not the company's fault.

i looked at my bank account on the 28th, and they had charged me for my first month's internet and installation. neither of which i had. so i called them.

USI- hello, how can i help you?
me- hi, i was supposed to get a hook up on thursday, but the installer was unable to get a connection, so i won't have anything installed until february 7th, but you guys charged my account for installation and service.
USI- okay, let me pull up your account.
me- [gives info]
USI- what i can do is credit your account with an extra free week of internet.
me- that's not what i'm asking for. i don't have a connection right now, so free internet doesn't do anything for me at this point. i'd like my money back until i receive the service i'm paying for.
USI- let me talk to the billing department. hold please.
[ten minutes pass]
okay, well the first two weeks are free anyway, so we'll add another free week onto your account, so you get three weeks free instead. so after february 7th you'll get another free week.
me- but i don't have internet. i don't have anything... so why would my first "free two weeks" apply during a time when i don't even have service? i'm saying i don't want to be charged for service and installation for two weeks that i don't have any service or installation.
USI- well, my financial advisor says i can give you an extra free week but we can't give you your money back because you will be getting installation eventually.
me- then i'd like to cancel the service and the installation, please. i can't afford to have that money out of my account for two weeks while i'm not receiving service. i have to find other ways to connect to the internet in the meantime, and that costs money.
USI- [pause as she types to her advisor]... my advisor says she can return the money to your bank account, and it will show up by the end of the day.
me- okay...
USI- so do you still want the crew to come out on february 7th?
me- no, i said i wanted to cancel the service.
USI- well then, you need to send a cancel email. then any reimbursement you are entitled to will be returned to your account within 30 days.

what? really? you can't return money that was charged to my account for services i never received?
oh wait, suddenly you can, now that i said i wanted to cancel my service! nice.

just frustrating. i got an email about reimbursement today, but it's still annoying. i'm not exactly rolling in the dough, so $65 out of my account for nothing is pretty sucky.
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