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Maybe He Hates Doughnuts

This one happened a few years ago, but flashed through my head randomly.

I work as a movie theatre manager, and was significantly underpaid. As such, my late night commute home was always on the bus. And I was always wiped. My job was to make sure the shift ran smoothly, and then to cash every till up, and run the projectors...yeah, by the end of the day, I was done.

So I'm out early (which would happen sometimes) and decided that since I was super-famished and there was really nothing to eat at my place, I would grab a bite at Tim Horton's. I nabbed a sandwich and a doughnut, and saw my bus coming in. He was a bit early, but I made it to the stop in time.

Now...I didn't hide the fact I was carrying food. And I know the general rule is no food / drinks on the bus. But the last bus of the night is generally really slack, with like three people on it. I've eaten on it before, and never had issues.

So as we're driving, I eat my sandwich. And again, I'm not hiding it. In fact, I plow through the whole sandwich and no one bats an eye. We continue along the route, and I'm reading the paper. I pull out my doughnut and take a bit. I hear the driver say something, but I can't figure out what it is, and I don't even think it's directed towards me. I'm going to mention again that I'm pretty beat from the day, so my functioning wasn't very high.

I take another bite, and the bus slams to a halt and the driver turns it off. I look up and he's snarling at me "I SAID PUT THAT AWAY"

I stammer out an apology, and the bus sits in silence for a half minute while the bus driver glowers at me. I'm feeling pretty uncomfortable, even if there is only two other riders on the bus. The rest of the trip I try to read the paper, but I'm pretty shaken up.

I honestly didn't want to cause trouble. I was just really hungry and tired, and I've never had issues with food that time of night before or since. And I wasn't hiding that I had food. So I'll take some of the blame, but he really scared the piss out of me.
Tags: following rules =/= bad service, public transit

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