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Lakeside Place Apartments

To Whom It May Concern,

Today (January 22, 2011) we received a letter dated February 1, 2011 that stated we were to renew our lease for Apartment xxxx immediately to avoid our lease being transferred to a Month-to-Month basis and the fees associated with such a lease. Let it be known that on December 28, 2010 I, thepooloftears, walked into the Business Office to turn in my second signed renewal. I had to wait until such a late date, after having signed my first renewal prior to Christmas Eve, due to the fact that Resident Services forgot to include my partner, xxxx, on the first renewal lease. I had to go to the Business Office because Resident Services is never open at a time that I am available to turn in paperwork. I handed my signed lease to a female whose name I did not ask to have it turned into Resident Services. On January 1, 2011 I received a notice stating that my lease was still up for renewal. I figured that this was an error due to timing issues, so I had my partner go to Resident Services the first week of January to request they check our file and confirm that they had received our lease. At that time the female working at Resident Services (I apologize for not knowing her name, I have previously only spoken to Mr. Mark Doze) confirmed our lease renewal was on file.

At the time we renewed our lease we also renewed our contract for covered parking in spaces xxx and xxx; we even got stickers for our vehicles after you required us to and they are xxxx and xxxx. Today we also encountered another error due to your apparent loss of our lease; another individual was parked in space xxx and stated that today at 5:55pm he purchased a contract for said space from Resident Services or the Business Office. As you can imagine, this caused a slight confrontation as we had already called a tow truck and were quite upset that my partner was unable to park in his space for several hours.

I have attempted to call your office several times today, but have been unable to reach anyone. I have also been unable to leave a message any time I have called today or prior to today due to the message inbox always being full. This is a frustrating experience as I and my partner both work full-time jobs and go to school; we do most of our business over the phone or via e-mail because it is difficult to find time to go to the office. It is especially difficult to go to Resident Services when there are no posted, and seemingly no regular hours kept there.

I am writing this and posting this on your door in the hopes that I will get your attention and you will see that something certainly needs to be done. We renewed our lease here because we love living in this area, we like our apartment, and you all have very good rates. Unfortunately, we find it more difficult each day to defend our decision to continue living here when we are constantly receiving such poor service from the Business Office and Resident Services.

I may be contacted via telephone at xxx-xxx-xxxx to discuss this issue at hand. I am asking that you take the initiative to settle this matter because I and my partner have done our part to renew our lease and settle matters in a timely fashion.


General Griping:

I should also note that our original lease/parking is not up until the end of FEBRUARY. I forgot to add it to the letter, but I was too irritated to go back and fix it. There is absolutely NO reason they should have already given that parking to someone, even if we hadn't renewed our lease. I have seriously gone to the Resident Services office different days and at different times when I have been on vacation; I've stopped by at least 15 times and it was actually open only two times I went. The Business Office is also known as "the leasing office/information center" and is not meant for residents, but I knew I had to turn my lease in and they have gotten my paperwork to resident services before. Besides, they TOLD my partner that they had it when he went to the office two weeks ago. And it wouldn't be such horrible service if I was ever able to talk to a human being or leave a message for one to call me back. They don't even have a separate number that can be answered at resident services.

Edited to add some line breaks, I apologize if I assaulted anyone's eyes at such an early hour

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