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Postal suck.

Sitting in my living room (which the front door is attached to), I hear the postman. Usual footsteps up the stairs outdoors, and the dog runs to the front. The mailbox is a slot in the door (not something outside), but thin enough that the dog can in no way fit outside (she's a big dog), plus she's a bit wary so she stays back and barks. Nothing different. Never been a problem before. This time I hear the postman talking, I think aw, how cute, he's talking to the dog.

This repeats several days, and eventually I hear angry yelling, and eventually swearing. So I stand up, open the door (as the postman is walking away) and shout, HEY, mind not yelling/swearing at my dog? To which he's all smiles and says, Hi! Oh? Yeah, sure.

So it doesn't repeat for a while and I think, problem solved! (I don't know WHY I thought asking him to stop would work, lol)

But it wasn't. It repeats (and usually I'm in the back room when I hear him shouting at later times, and by the time I get to the front door, he's gone out of shouting range :/).

One day, he submits a piece of paper. Neon and white, looks like a card that you use to separate mail in bins with, and he writes on it: WARNING: CRAZY DOG. EATS MAIL.

I'm absolutely ticked off. If he doesn't like dogs, keep it to himself - or work somewhere IN the depot, not as the person walking around delivering the mail. So I call in and complain, about how inappropriate this is. I've never once complained about my dog eating my mail (which, she might've put a hole or two in a letter, but never destroyed anything) because that's my problem and my responsibility. His use of profanity and now this, is highly unprofessional and inappropriate. For all he knows, I could have some child in my care, to which he is exposing foul language every time he delivers the mail.

Basically the supervisor skirts the issue, says every excuse in the book, (including: well does your dog eat your mail? [I'm not complaining about the mail or my dog!! WTF!] and concludes he'll speak to the delivery guy to get his side.

I don't remember him ever calling back, but sometime in the future, I notice the postman's changed.

I run into him and he makes conversation about meeting my dog he keeps hearing, etc etc. Nice small talk, y'know? Eventually I find out the old postman got relocated/fired (I'm not sure what) because he ended up pepper spraying some dog through the mail slot up the street.

Seriously!! What is wrong with people?! :/ If you don't like the elements of your job (or you can't grin and bear it), don't take the job!!!

EDIT: On occasion, she bit mail he would wiggle around (letters, nothing folded or thick that needed wiggling). She'd drop it immediately when he let go (hence the hole marks sometimes).
Tags: customers shouldn't get what they want, postal service
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