kekekins (kekekins) wrote in bad_service,

Hospital Suck

I was in England for a few weeks on vacation with my family when I woke up to the worst pain of my life in my side. I told my mother and she said to wait it out for half an hour and then if it didn't get better we would go to a local hospital in London. Longest half an hour of my life but realized pretty soon that it was getting worse. It would fade for a second and then the pain would double or triple in intensity so after a discussion with my travel insurance company to let them know, we take a cab to the hospital. I waited in the emergency room for about twenty minutes before we were seen... and finally i was lead back to a bed. The doctor came and poked my side a couple of times and didn't want to hear where it hurt or how much. He announced to me that It was just cramps. I said no.. definitely not and that it hurt way more than any cramps I have ever had. He told me that I was just looking for pain medication and wouldn't listen to me OR my mother. It finally took my mom asking to see his supervisor for them to take me seriously and it turned out it was kidney stones. Yes it's strange for a 19 year old girl to have a kidney stone, it's not strange to actually listen to your patients.

So thanks for that.  
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