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A Big Pile of Ripoff

Dear shady (former) electronics store employee,

If I could go back in time and undo our trip to your store, I would.  Not that anything's wrong with the store in particular - it's that you said you were selling us a Kindle (while it turns out this location only had Kindle accessories), and sent us home with a box of Sony E-Reader accessories.  When my dad got a break from cleaning snow off the roads, we came back, only to find out you'd already been caught in a pattern of this underhandedness and scrammed with the extra cash; while we called the district office and said we should be able to obtain a refund, it turns out we could only get a credit.  A credit that was pretty much useless since Kindles WERE NOT SOLD THERE.  So now I'm stuck with a Sony E-Reader that doesn't work with my Amazon Kindle gift cards, and an incredibly cranky father who already hated my "gadgets fixation" from the start.  I hope you get a big kick in the pants for every person you ripped off.

Screw you,
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