Cassandra Terra (cassandraterra) wrote in bad_service,
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Dear My Local Walgreens,

When I went up the pharmacy counter and asked them if they carried a product do not dismiss me. Yes, I have looked for it on your shelves. No, I cannot find it. I wanted to know A) If you carried it at all or B) If you could order it. Telling me to go look for it myself and dismissing me will not win me over. That was not helpful. Not the worst suck, but really annoying. They just told me no, they couldn't help me they didn't have it and the lady just walked away from the counter.

Gee, what do you know, I went to Krogers and they looked it up and said they could order it for me by tomorrow. That wasn't hard at all.

EDIT: It was a pharmacy item. A nasal gel spray as I get bloody noses very easily and saline sprays and rinses aren't cutting it. Was that TMI?
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