greensquiggly (greensquiggly) wrote in bad_service,

Minor, but still.

My grandmother is sick, she just got home about a month ago from spending two months in the hospital. She's been on prednazone (no idea how to spell that), and it's made her diabetic. Which we discovered after she went to the ER a week and a half ago and spent the rest of the week in the hospital again.

That's not the bad service.

When the doctors prescribed my grandmother's diabetic equipment, they didn't prescribe needles. We were told we'd get a little starter kit with a few needles to start with. Except not. So we had to pay out of pocket for needles. Small because the price was like $1.60-something for a package of 10, but... Uh, if she's taking insulin, shouldn't she also need needles, guise?

Edit Thanks everyone who wishes my Grandmother well.
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