Sunflowers and Vodka (sindragosa) wrote in bad_service,
Sunflowers and Vodka

McService Suck.

My boyfriend and I have become regular night owls due to our afternoon work and have taken to eating out as late as 2am sometimes.

We usually frequent a Mickey D's and last night was no different. We get to the Drive Thru, the cashier greets us and takes our order, and we get to the first window to pay. My boyfriend hands over my card and the girl says...

"Oh. We don't accept Credit Cards."

The hell you don't! We've been there multiple times before at the same hour and have never had problems paying with a card before.

I understand that things break, but unless it broke that very second, why didn't she TELL ME when I was making my order? I know the chance of me having cash is probably 50/50, but on the other hand, I could have a card and she should have told me with her canned "Welcome to McDonald's" speech.

Just a pretty annoying experience overall. We couldn't pay for our meal and had to hop to the next town over to get some food at another McDonald's, but we made sure to ask them if they took plastic before putting in an order, just in case.
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