thegreatmouton (thegreatmouton) wrote in bad_service,

It's just too early to yell

I went to my local gas station that has this amazing oatmeal cookie cappuccino before work yesterday. I push the button, and it coffee starts to come out, but it also makes this horrible whirring noise. I stop and look toward the cashier who is just standing there, looking at me and laughing.

The cappuccino has six different flavors, and I thought maybe just the oatmeal cookie one was broken, so I try out the french vanilla. No dice. Cue more horrible whirring. The manager appears from the back, screaming at me to stop and yelling that I'm probably burning out the motor. I stand there with a 0.0 look on my face and she fiddles with things a bit. She jostles the contains around, tries again, and cue more whirring. She looks at me and just spits out "It's out of order!". I can't convey her tone appropriately, but it was what I would use to scold a puppy.

I walked out and went to Starbucks instead.
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