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Insurance suck

On December 21st, my car and my mom's car were run into by someone else. Both our cars were parked. My car was parked on the street, mom's in the driveway. Our house is in the middle of a T-intersection. So the guy hit the front end of my car, pushed it onto the lawn, almost completely took off the bumper and bent the front axle, sideswiped my mom's car and crashed into our Japanese Maple. No, he wasn't drunk.

So naturally, we filed a claim with the guy's insurance company, Allstate. It took them two days to accept liability, but that was fine, we were able to get rental cars before the holidays (both our cars were undrivable). So then we wait for them to contact us about inspecting our vehicles on the damage. It takes a couple of weeks for a claims adjuster to come out (after new years) and he declared both of our vehicles a total loss. He declared this only after we had called the next week to find out what was going on. he had told us that he was going to call us within two days and didn't.

Everything went smoothly for my mother. She's already settled with them and is just waiting for her check to come. Now, when the claims adjuster called her to tell her the value and whatnot, he told her that when an offer is accepted, the rental needs to be returned but that he would extend hers until the following Monday so she could find something. This was good service. He didn't have to extend anything.

Things have not been going so great with me. The claims adjuster had told my mom the value they came up with for my car was $950. My mom told him there is no way I would go for that and he agreed that was not even reasonable (it's not). Now, I drove a 1988 5000 CS Audi Turbo. This is an old, rare car. Finding a fair market value is difficult and I understand that. But although my car was old, it was also in excellent condition (leather seats were in good shape, no chips tot he paint, barely any scrapes anywhere except the rear bumper and it only had 156k miles). So he said he would do more research and call me back.

He hasn't called me back. So yesterday I got a call from Enterprise saying that Allstate has set the final date for me to return my rental for 1/14. What? I haven't accepted any offer. WTF? So I called Allstate to find out about that. They said that was odd and that they would see about it being extended and the claims adjuster would call me the next day (today). I never got a call today. So I tried calling the claims adjuster directly. It was after hours. So I called Allstate. They said that if he hasn't called, I shouldn't have to worry, but that they would transfer me to the total loss adjuster. So I get transferred. I explained the situation to her and she said that once a vehicle is declared a total loss, rental vehicles have to be returned. I told her I had never been told this and that in fact, I was told and my mother was told that they don't have to be returned until an offer is accepted. She said she saw no notes stating that I was told this. She also said her notes say that my vehicle was declared a total loss on 1/7 and that I was told to return the rental by 1/12. LOL WHUT? I was NEVER told this! She was very rude through the conversation and basically accused me of lying because she said that she would extend it until Monday since I "say" that I was not told to return it. I made sure to be clear that my mom's claim is settled but mine is not. That our claim numbers are the same, but an offer has not been made on my car yet.

I am so infuriated right now. Every time I am told someone will call me, I do not get a call. They are the ones who are not getting on the ball with this. They still haven't assessed an accurate value of my car, and haven't even updated me on the status of my claim at all.Also, what insurance company makes people return rental cars once a vehicle is declared a total loss? From what I know, it's always when an offer is accepted. It would be stupid to do it that way because they don't come up with a value at the same time the vehicle is declared totaled. They have to look stuff up and determine the condition and all that. So if that is the policy, people basically have to go without any vehicle until 1.) they assess the value 2.) they make an offer 3.) you accept 4.) they send a check and 5.) you get the check. Makes no sense.

I am going to call the claims adjuster first thing Monday and tell him he needs to make me an offer NOW (a reasonable one--according to NADA my car is worth between $2250-$4300. Considering the condition it was in, I think i should get no less than the middle of the road which is $3375).

Looks like I'm never, ever going to buy insurance through Allstate.
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