Kali (dementedevoted) wrote in bad_service,

Lured into a false sense of good service

            So between my five classes yesterday, I headed over to the campus bookstore to pick up a few textbooks I needed.

             On my way to check-out, I notice a display with calendars and a sign that says ALL CALENDARS – 50% OFF! I find one that is Zombie themed, where you can fold 3-D zombies from paper punch-outs and decide it’s the perfect gift for a friend whose birthday is next week.

            The cashier was very nice, making small talk through the transaction by asking if I thought I’d be trying to make the little 3-D zombies and commenting how cool it was. When she gave me the total, however, it seemed kind of high. Admittedly, I did not pay much attention to the prices of the books, but they were all rather small paperbacks for my Lit class so I didn’t expect them to be that much.

            ME: Um, did that calendar ring up as half off?
CASHIER: *gives me a blank stare*
            ME: All of the calendars are supposed to be 50% off. *points to display just a few feet over*
               CASHIER: Oh, I think it did. Do you want me to check to be sure?
ME: If you don’t mind. 
               CASHIER: *prints out the receipt, looks at it closely and then smiles* “Yep! It rang up as half off!”
ME: Oh, okay, thanks!

 When she handed me the receipt, it was barely readable and it seems like the machine must have been running out of ink. At this point, I was cutting it close on getting to my next class, and, to be honest, she seemed so nice that I believed her when she told me it came off, so I shoved the stuff in my bag and headed off. I know, this is sucky on my part.

When I got home and had time to examine the receipt myself, sure enough, the calendar rang up as full price. She wasn’t like one of those cashiers that roll their eyes when you ask them to check something and just say yes without really looking at the receipt. I think she must have honestly not known how to ring it up that way or was able to tell the difference. The bad service, for me, is that she told me it was definitely taken off. If she had any doubts, she should have asked a manager or another employee.

Tags: "greatest" cashier evar!, a wave of understanding, bookstore, commenters morally obligated to disagree, it's only bad service if you die
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