yamikuronue (yamikuronue) wrote in bad_service,

Minor gripe

Dear Amazon Marketplace Seller:

 The phone was dirt cheap, so I didn't expect much. I wasn't even surprised when it failed to come with a charger - something not listed in the ad, but the fine print read "handset only", which I suspected meant no charger. No biggie, it's an older phone but a lot of omni-chargers have older tips on them anyway, so I was able to find a charger pretty quickly.

But would it have killed you to mention that the battery's bricked so even with a charger the damn thing won't work? By the time I replaced that too, I'm fast approaching the price I paid for the handset in accessories alone. 

Also, typically you mark an item shipped the day you put it IN the mail, not the day you expect it to arrive. I can't leave feedback yet because Amazon doesn't think it's arrived yet. Unfortunately for you, I'll remember this in a few days when it lets me leave feedback. 

Oh well. On the bright side, there's a huge difference between having a shitty phone for a month or so until I can afford to replace it, and having no phone at all. Even at almost double what I paid up front it's still (just barely) affordable, especially since I could spread the cost over two weeks. And hey, once I paid for the accessories, the phone was as described - "good" condition, "minor cosmetic damage" (actually minor, some scuffs here and there; I was expecting worse), unlocked, working fine. 

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