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Turn My Lips Blue

Australian Air Express and Australia Post

After careful consideration, I bought the book Kitchen by Banana Yoshimitso from Dymocks Online on 6 Jan and paid for express shipping, which takes about 1-3 working days, although even with non-express shipping, stuff from Dymocks normally only takes a day or two to arrive. As the book was in stock, it shipped the same day and I received a tracking number from Dymocks for Australian Air Express.

On the 6 of Jan (Friday), I logged on and saw that the book was in Sydney (where I live) and was onboard with a Sydney courier driver. The disclaimer on the website stated that I could expect to receive my package by 5pm the same day, however the 6th passes and the book was not delivered. Oh well, I'm not too bothered as I figured they may just have had a huge load that day and I'll get my book on Monday.

By 2pm Tuesday (11 Jan), however, I still haven't received my book and I'm starting to get a bit worried so I email Air Express via their customer inquiry form, basically just asking about the status of my package. Their website says I can expect a reply within five hours, however today is Friday and I still haven't received a response- suck # 1.

On Tuesday night, my next door neighbour comes over with a package for me- my book, which the courier driver attempted to deliver to wrong address (they received a 'we tried to deliver your package, please pick it up at the post office' slip)- suck # 2. I'm not too happy about this since a) The package clearly stated my address and b) What if the package was delivered to someone less honest?

However, what concerns me more is that when my neighbour picked up and signed for the package at the post office, Australia Post didn't bother to verify his identity to make sure that the person picking up the package was the same person that the package was addressed to. Keep in mind, in regards to Australia post, you have to sign an authorisation form to pick up a parcel for someone else yet nobody bothered to even check the identity of my next door neighbour!- suck # 3. Further, on the Australian Air Express tracking site, it states that the parcel was picked up by a name that doesn't even remotely match the one on the tracking and order form. Am I wrong to be bothered about this?

tl;dr Australian Air Express attempts to deliver my package to the wrong address, doesn't answer my email when I inquire where my parcel is and Australia Post hands my package over to someone with a completely different name without checking to make sure that the parcel belongs to the person picking it up.

Tags: shipping shenanigans
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